So tell me fellow PvE/RP players, what's you impression so far?


    Hey everyone,

    As a PvE/RP player primarily I've personally found Fractured to be very rewarding for the time you invest into it.
    I'm huge on player housing systems, it's honestly what brought me to this game to begin with.
    With that being said, even with the early stages of housing and seeing how it has grown over the years has made my investment worth every penny and then some.
    The grind to gather at first pushed me away but the end result was amazing, my friends and I literally built a town from the ground up working together and it was such a unique feeling.
    I've watched as the Mobs have grown and the combat system has progressed and I'm extremely impressed. The balance isn't all there yet but the amount of work that's been done shows!
    I took some time off from the game and I haven't been active for the most previous play test but i'm stoked and can't wait for the next play test to see how things have evolved!

    I'm curious from a PvE stand point, how do you all feel it's progressing? 😀 😁

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    @Bhan if you have been away from a while, then you probably missed the legends. Big mean mobs you can summon by making offering at their altars. Some are easy and doable in 2 or 3 persons. Some require a very specific preparation.

    The incoming changes to equips and stats will probably make them more challenging compared to the last alpha. And that's good, because the challenge is my only gripe with the pve in this game. It starts very difficult and ends up a bit too easy.


    @spoletta i recall reading about the Legends, i never got around to testing them out.
    I might need to join a small guild or settlement this time around to help speed things up.


    I was disappointed that the Beastfolk were dropped from this test, I cannot lie. But this PvE grrrl loves the game so far.

    Legends are definitely an incentive to be part of a guild. There are some good ones to join, even if they are PvP focus right now, they're also ready to send out parties to hunt mobs and Legends for KP


    Balance will be a long battle.
    Groups with diverse builds who understand each others roles is fun but requires more work than the homogeneous melee builds which are just sooo effective and simple.
    As with any group game, scheduling is the biggest hurdle.
    Scheduling and organization is the greatest challenge for guilds and will provide the greatest rewards : prosperous cities, trade routes, active pve hunts, support.
    As such finding (or making) a guild that understands and focuses on these two aspects is key (in my opinion) for an enjoyable PvE / RP experience in Fractured.
    Playtesting in the alphas provides a great chance to check the fine details on each of the propositioning guilds and, perhaps, help alter their trajectory more toward you liking.
    The PvE guilds who are planning on focusing on the PvE world are the most challenged right now but still putting forth effort and could use encouragement from players joining them in these alphas.

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    I'm loving the obvious work the Devs put in to the game. Each successive Alpha is a testament to the Devs' dedication to making Fractured its own unique game in the world of MMOs.

    I like that they aren't just catering to the PvPers, which are frankly in the minority of gamers, just because they are usually the loudest. I like that there are inroads to serious solo'ists not being too restricted in gameplay. Sure, we probably can't take on one of the more powerful Legends, solo, even with top notch gear, but every game needs those kinds of megabosses to bring it to life.

    Towns are getting better and better. One of the things me and My small 3 person guild love is building up cities. Once we've acquired a house for each of us and built it up, we love to go through and start finishing the building of city buildings and other people's properties to get a city up and running faster...and then helping to maintain that city's upkeep requirements.

    My GF is an obsessive farmer/gatherer type, so she can spend 90% of her time just doing that. I personally like to do a little of everything, but I'm our group's main Enchanter. and My sister is our gung-ho Melee fighter who loves combat almost as much as she loves building. (she's the only one of us that is even tempted by any PvP content, but agrees that it is more a curiosity than a necessity for her.

    Fractured is ticking the right boxes for us, and it is still in development. As anyone on the forums can tell you, I'm a fairly active poster, and a long time Alpha and Beta tester of MMOs, and come from an even longer history of TTRPGs, and I'm fairly level headed and tend to share my opinions pretty openly, and try to be as helpful as possible.

    Hope you find enjoyment like I have in the game, and that it culminates in an MMO that we can all enjoy (although more than likely with my medical conditions, I may not live to see that day)

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