Any updates on the following things:


    Next planet to test (I think Arboreus) and when that might be?
    Roadmap update?

    On a side note, I may be a part of the minority but something tells me I am not, I have less than zero desire for PvP. I plan to play as a carebear as long as I can. I don't give a hoot about city siege, warfare, etc. It seems the vocal people might be all for the PvP aspect of the game, but I think the silent majority isn't. Now, I'm all for everyone playing the game as they see fit, good on ya, you do you. I'm just curious if the game is really starting to lean PvP centric? I'd rather be testing out other things like the founder palace, pets, diff weapons, PvE, etc. BUT, that's just me. Just my two cents. 🙂 I hope everyone enjoys the game in their own way!


    @Xulu - I don't have a link to document this, but @GamerSeuss sd @Prometheus was talking about adding Beastfolk for the next alpha in a previously/recently released video. That bodes well for all of us who are waiting (im)patiently for our PVE homeland, Arboreus!

    Mind you, it will probably take some iterations & evolution to get the balance on different races where it needs to be, so patience is a virtue for now. 🖖

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    Yes, and as I have also said in previous posts, although the game is supposed to cater to both PvP and PvE type players, the PvP/Combat mechanics are the ones that will need the most testing. A lot of the PvE mechanics are already ironed out and working pretty much, with the exception of fine tuning crafting, which they continue to do with each iteration of the Alpha.

    I don't anticipate Races requiring too much special testing to get right, so that is probably why they are putting off the testing of them until they get the crunchier bits tested and working smoothly. As for other blue prints and such, they have already said that the Foundation Blueprints will only be available once the game fully releases, so don't anticipate those to be tested at all in either Alpha or Beta testing phases. Truth is, much as us non-PvPers might dislike it, the lion's share of Alpha and Beta testing is going to be PvP/Combat-centric


    I think that if we had a pve alpha that it would be to establish mob balancing, trade, and democratic takeovers of cities.

    Note that there was some heavy handed mob changes this alpha and could use some more work. example: black widows went from the terror of melee with their magic missiles and mage armor and went to boot goo when magic missiles got nerfed. Same with the shadow stalker goblins, they were terrors that would come out of no where, jump, and one or two shot your squishy archer/mage, then they became a joke.

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