Redo Spell for Divination(or Alteration)


    So my thing is I would love for a 'redo' esque spell for the Divination(or alteration(?)) magic school. Like this spell would be an 'ultimate' type spell where it affects a large area and all NPCs, players, etc would be put back to where they were like 3-10(?) seconds with similar stats at that time. Hp, Mp, buffs/debuffs are redone put back.

    Or perhaps the spell is like a two-step spell? Where the first trigger is an invisible mark and the second cast triggers the spell? and it is auto-triggered if not cast before a set time period?

    Idk but I just want a Redo-type spell for the game due to a type of character I want to build for a Roleplay style.

    (Also a reincarnation type spell would be cool)

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    Would be indeed cool, but I'm not sure that the engine supports a spell like that. The game would have to register your previous status, and since this games doesn't come with a replay feature, I doubt that something like is available.


    You dont need to have a replay feature to implement this though. You dont need to save multiple states all the time, you only need to store the state of players at the time the ability is cast, then after 3-10 seconds, you just have to restore the old state back to the players who were in the area of the spell cast. This can be done by creating local variables that store the "current state" of the players at the time of casting, and then after the 3-10 seconds, it can set the players attributes with the previously stored variables.

    Unless there's something inherent in the game design that I don't know about, I think this should be pretty feasible to code/implement.

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    Yeah, if you go with the two step version, maybe you can do it but... man this opens up so many exploits that I can't even start to count them 😵

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    I can see wanting this for RP purposes, but overall, that kind of spell would be way OP based on the current state of the game. Until the game starts to get other spells in that power scale, I don't see it happening

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    A tuned-down version of this thing can be done without being too much op tho.
    Some games implement this kind of time rewind in a limited fashion.
    Come to mind Ekko's ultimate in LoL or Mirage's continuum rift in GW2.

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