Buy it now, or wait the beta?


    Hello everyone !
    I'm very hurry about playing fractued but did the game already dead (people waiting beta or smthing like this) or did he have a lot of players playing during alpha ?


    I would say that is medium populated now 🙂 Not dead but also not overcrowded.

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    Also, this alpha should be ending rather soon, maybe a week or a lil more.

    Buy Alpha IF you can handle going periods of time without play access, followed by specific mechanics focused play, in which your character goes through a full account wipe at the beginning of each Alpha stage.

    If the above would frustrate you, or your looking for a more finished game, closer to actual release, wait for Beta.


    First welcome aboard 🤗

    I don’t like Alphas very much because I don’t like to get all wiped and start at 0 again ... -.-

    But already pledged the game because I have high hopes and wanted to support the team on their long road to release. 🙂

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