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    Will this game have other dungeons beside the Labyrinth for us to explore and find out in the world?, Nothing like a good delve into a lost dungeon or even something as simple as an abandoned mine, gives a nice lil extra spice to the world


    Will it have a system similar to Albion that let's you matchmake for organised PVP in a small skirmish for either straight up deathmatch or point control modes?

    I enjoyed Albion's matchmaking for those PVP modes as a lil pallet cleanser when I had a lil bit of time to kill or was getting ready to log off, just quick, easy, no fuss matches to start or end my play session after a good days dungeon crawling, those would be nice to have honestly

    These may have already been answered somewhere else and I'm just blind honestly

    One last question, Would there be any scope for a Bardic class? I love a good Bardic class, unique class specific items, crowd control, buffs, debuffs and all around support player with a challenge when playing solo, being able to set up shop in a tavern/Inn with Lute and gear in hand to offer services to parties looking for a support has always been a favourite playstyle of mine

    Thank you in advance for any and all answers

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    1. All the biomes haven't been introduced yet, and only 1 continent is even playable right now, so we don't know if any kind of underground delving will be added. If nothing else, it makes for a nice expansion opportunity later on when looking to build from what they've already got. We do know there will be Asteroid events, although not the same as a dungeon delve, they are group raided kind of instanced events.
      We know however there won't be anything like long lost magical item treasure in a dungeon if it were added, because of the dedication to a player driven equipment economy.
    2. There have been a few people suggesting some kind of Arena area where structured PvP challenges can be made and accepted, but no word from the Devs yet if they like or plan to use this idea.
    3. It was said early on that one of the available archetypes that will be playable would be a Bard-type Charisma focused character, and those powers may involve the parts of the Talent Tree that are still not implemented yet. Several players, myself included, have expressed interest, so here's hoping.


    Thank you for the answers! I had a feeling there would have been some comments or replies around and I couldn't find them so this helps me out!!

    Makes me happy to know that the Bard is a work in progress idea and I fully understand the not wanting to have loot drop from those other events, would skew the overall economy a fair bit!!

    I hope the Arena stuff ends up being facilitated, would be lovely but if not, I understand and respect their reasoning on that if they do decide against it!

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