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    So mostly what I hear and read is all about PvP in Alpha. I get the interest and heavy focus but is there going to be an equal balance for PvE interested parties or is most of the fan base only about PvP?

    I don't know how many times I have seen in global chat "This is a PvP game..."

    For us "Care Bears" I guess that is a bit of a turn-off (to use the pejorative term tossed out by the same commenters above.)

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    The trouble is, GiaoCodex, what they are testing now is the interaction and ramifications of blending PvE and PvP on the same world, Syndesia.

    When the game releases, hopefully these interactions will be ironed out, and for those who are 100% PvE-centric, wanting no hint of PvP whatsoever, there will be the planet Arboreus, the Beastman world.

    The real crux is, most of the mechanical aspects of PvE are already pretty ironed out, and those that are still buggy aren't enough to dedicate a whole test phase to, or the bugs are caused by the introduction of new mechanics as they go into heavier testing. PvP and Interaction mechanics are not ironed out, so all the testing going forward are going to be at least partly PvP intensive, at least until they introduce the Beastmen into the testing phases.


    I wouldnt get discouraged. Even though I dont have the game yet, (Very very tempted to get Alpha unless Beta is around the corner) if the devs hold true to the three different worlds, pve'rs will get their own world (Beastmen) and demons will die in that world as well evil humans. Im assuming that there will be resources unique to this world so that way, the farmers provide much needed resources to the markets and would be able to deliver them in relative safety to the human world where there is still a risk but not as much depending on where your traveling to. Or humans can travel to the Beastmen world to obtain them from the markets there. Its still possible for the other evils to invade your world but doing so at extreme penalty.


    My opinions:

    The interesting part is, there will always be the question of what’s fair to the community regarding resource allocation? Do PvE players have the same materials accessible to PvP players? Probably not (based on my understanding with the current development plan) which completely undermines and the viability of long term PvE player bases. Others will say, but PvE will have access to materials PvP don’t have. This is not really a problem for them, alt character or account, transfer, easy. Or have a PvE sect of the guild that just supplies you... for PvP groups imho, it’s designed to be easier to advance.


    My anticipation is that the pvp worlds will have less materials avalible because all the fighting and looting will be harder on equipment while also reducing the access to resources as harvesting teams will be attacked. The PvE worlds will have to deal with higher passive agressive competition for resources as it is a safer place to farm, but the transfer of goods between worlds should be hard enough and rare enough that the PvE world should not be feeding base goods to the pvp world, just high value finished goods or maybe some special enchanting components.
    I would be shocked and disapointed if there were trading of base goods, like food, between the pvp and pve world instead of the pvp world just using diplomacy and alliances to manage that.

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