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    When you are downed or killed, you have two location choices; home or last city.
    It seems that your choice makes no difference, am I missing something or is it a bug?

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    @Mirgannel12 it should work this way:

    • if you chose "Home" you respawn at your own plot. If you don't have one, at the Startertown.
    • if you chose "Last City" you respawn at the last city you was, not sure, if there is still the need, that you need to rest on a tavern before, like it was in last tests.

    If it works different now, i sadly didn't test that enough, since i am always rest on last fire and i have always directly a plot, then there seems to be a bug.

    How the respawn worked for you, where you showed up after you died?


    I rested at a fire in a tavern in the starter town, rested at a player city tavern fire, and respawned in my home city when I clicked 'last city'
    It's possible that lag caused it to think i clicked home, but that was the second time at least it has happened, but only the first deliberate test, so i could be wrong.

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    They changed the respawn from the Tavern to the Shrine I think. As most towns don't have a shrine, your pretty much stuck going back to your starter town or your plot

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