Armor Quality needs adjusted


    So currently increasing the quality of Armor only provide +1% on two stats and +2% or +1% on the main stat. This should change and be like weapons where increasing the quality raises the damage by 10 to 8 points.

    Each quality tier should raise it 10% to make it actually worth while and matter.


    @Ostaff this would be broken AF though. Armour can already grant like 83% defence. If the devs did that, they would go to 110+% defence and make players immune to damage.

    or, if you are meaning in that a piece of gear with 120 defence is only going to 122 defence, yeah I get the point... But, unless things have changed since Alpha 2 test 3, armour also doesn't cap the same as every other stats. everything else caps at 1000, which for defences, is 74%... but armour does not and can go way higher, completely negating physical damage.


    @Xzait said in Armor Quality needs adjusted:


    That can all be adjusted.. currently Metal Armor has a HUGE difference than Light armor... therefore there is a HUGE gap of divergence available. What this means is that there is room for growth even with the current system. If they do not want to go above a certain threshold, then reduce the first tier's armor stats for each armor set but create a bigger gap between bottom and top quality tiers for that armor set. I also don't see if being aweful for a Top Quality Tier set of light armor being very close to a Poor Quality tier of Hide Armor as there was a lot of work put into making that Top Quality Leather and no work put into the Poor Quality of the Hide.

    So.. what I am saying is simply... make Quality Matter! Currently.. it doesn't matter at will when it comes to Armor.


    @Ostaff but you are comparing primitive armour with high-tech metal armour?

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    I don't agree with upgrading the def higher at all.

    and if they were to rebalance everything we'd have to lower damage of skills inorder to lower armor rates, just so that excellents are better.

    I think the current system is fine. a full set; fine 4%, good 8% and excellent is 12% increases.
    That's a pretty big increase from fine to excellent.
    There's no point in having a giant gap otherwise nobody would want good and it will always be trashed, to much RNG on equipment is already bad.



    Actually its not what you added. It is only a +4% difference between Poor and Excellent. And that is ridiculously low.

    Having a bigger difference between poor and Excellent I think is very much warranted. Especially since making excellent cost so much more.


    The first time I saw the armor differences between the qualities, the only thought I had was "okay, so it does not matter". I agree that it should be increased somewhat, so that you can at least actually tell a difference.

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