The silence skill is wrong, it should not silence skills that are not magic, fix that please and that the physical skills do not need to be conjured and the skill that should silence the physical skills that is blinding strike does not work as it should


    @MeruemVBP a skill is a skill, reguardless of what type of damage it does. It is most definately intentional... and for good reason.

    if you silence a mage... you leave them with literally nothing but a non-specced auto-attack.
    if you silence a tank or an archer... they can still punch you in the face with their axe, or shoot you in the knee with their arrow.

    Why should a tank be able to leap slam and hit you in the face, when a mage can't teleport to you and drop a nuke on your face? It is the exact same thing, for 2 different builds.


    I assume this is a question about logic and if Silence is expected to be following regular logics.

    Depends on what type of spells and skills that should be impacted by your character being silenced.
    I assume warcry should be impacted that obviously uses your voice, but then when it comes to spells and other abilities I assume it depends on if all spells are considered to have a vocal component to cast or if some spells are considered to be silently cast by pure mind power 🙂 Words of power are at least vocal from the name 🙂


    I have played a few games with a mechanic called 'Silence', which literally just meant 'no skill use'. Disgaea is one of them, with the Geo tiles.


    On one end the "Silence" concept is often used to prevent ANY skill activation.
    But it wouldn't hurt if once in a while some tools could become more "realistic" and "specific".
    For example there's a skill (I can't remember the name) that makes you stronger but also forces you to use only Warfare skills during its duration.
    This means that in game concept different skill sets are actually different and synergic, which also means that punching someone harder should be doable even if you're silenced. 🙂
    I'm not asking for a change, just pointing out that a change can be made and it would be valid either.


    @Xzait es
    is that to silence skills that are physical, blind is used, which daggers have, it is assumed that magicians are the ones who conjure spells with their mouths that is why it is silenced, obviously there are attacks of warriors that can be silenced because they use magic , but it seems a bit ridiculous to think that my archer keeps saying double shot attack !!, or the warrior double sword launches bash ... already with the blind if it is logical that by not seeing where to attack he cannot activate them

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