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    Calendar: particularly for farming, smelting, and charcoal burners, there is no way, other than remembering and paying attention, to know when a crop is ready to be harvested, needs to be watered etc. particularly if you are away from the game for real time hours/days

    Names: As far as I know, you can't see a players profile name, unless they are a party/guild/city member and even then, you have no way to tell who is who, without asking or knowing.

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    Okay, you made a statement, where's the question?

    1. Calendars- I will say, they want you and your citizenry paying attention and actively monitoring crops, so I doubt they put a calendar in-game to make this less of an issue.
    2. Account names are private, and only available to other players if shared by that player. There have been some suggestions in regards to Guild Leaders/Governors/etc... mayhaps getting access, but that's about it.


    @GamerSeuss Question: can these things be in the game

    fair enough, but if you are out of game for a day or so, real time, or even an hour, you have no idea how many days have passed, which i guess doesn't really matter because you would check things anyway, but still, it would give some sense of continuity when you log in.
    Account names aren't private, anyone can walk in and see them in the citizen book. But if, for example, a player hasn't told a governor their account name, but the players are known to each other, and that player requests citizenship, how is the governor to know who it is?
    I say this because I had this exact problem in the last open test; a passerby stopped to help build the city, and requested citizenship. I had no idea who it was, I granted it because i'm not in a position to turn away any prospective citizens :/, but I actually had to ask the guy if that was his username


    You probably need a companion app for PC/mobile more then any kind of in-game implementation...

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    @Mirgannel12 I did say there was talk about giving Governors access to account names. Yes, you can see an account name in the Citizen List, BUT you don't know who it is unless they tell you.


    @GamerSeuss ah, I see.
    Is there really any need to keep it secret though? personally I only see that not knowing means you run past a character and don't realise it's someone you know. I suppose sometimes you want to have a character that no one knows is you, maybe you could choose to have username show or not when you make a character?
    It could also add an aspect to the criminal system.

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