*I understand that the coming test will, unlike the recent open test, require players to discover and unlock abilities?

    *I can't remember, does knowledge transfer between characters? if a player creates two characters are the creatures killed by one recorded by all that players characters?

    *I noticed on the wiki that it says abilities are unlocked in various ways (YES!) , only one of these being that a creature is killed, can anyone give me a general percentage figure of how many abilities can be unlocked without killing something?


    @Mirgannel12 I'm not sure it's explicitly reported anywhere, but I would suppose that each character unlock its skills independently, otherwise the concept of restart from scratch would be messed up.
    You could basically respec by creating a new character and having stuff already unlocked.

    For what matters skills unlocked by not killing, since each skill has 6 ways to be unlocked it's unlikely that for a given skill half of the points require kill a creature, so I'd say all skills will be unlockable without killing something.


    @GreatValdus I thought certain skills were unlocked in certain ways?

    Initially, in the Character Abilities window, almost all the spells listed in each School are in an Unknown state.

    When an ability is Unknown, you character doesn’t know anything about it, including its effect and the tasks required to unlock it – you’re only able to catch a glimpse of its icon. How to discover an ability? Just play the game! Travel, fight, gather, craft – whatever you fancy. As soon as you accidentally perform one of the tasks required to unlock an ability, it will switch to Discovered state.

    Once an ability is Discovered, you get to know everything about it: what it does, what’s the cost to use it, and – mostly importantly – what are the tasks that have to be performed to be able to start studying it. Some examples of such tasks are:

    Find, interact with, or kill specific creatures.
    Kill some specific creatures in a unique way.
    Find, collect or refine some amount of a specific resource.
    Consume X units of a specific item.
    Be hit X times by a specific spell.
    Perform a specific combat action X times.
    Explore one or more world locations.
    Rest in a specific location.
    Craft X units of a specific item.
    Die in a specific way.
    Ability learning tasks never require you to repeat the same action for hours. Instead, they’re designed encourage you to explore and travel – rewarding cleverness and bravery, not time spent grinding.

    All abilities have a total of 6 tasks associated to them, but it’s enough you complete 2 to turn the ability to 'Ready To Study – and that’s when the second part of the learning process begins.

    From the Wiki



    Progression between characters is NOT transferred between other characters in any way other than Housing Plots are Account bound (which means that once a character buys a plot of land, all characters for that account must use that plot of land on that planet)


    @Mirgannel12 each skill has 6 activities, and completing 2 of them you can learn the first level of that skill.
    Since you can do any 2 activities for a skill, you can skip the killing one.
    If you want to level up your skills to max level you need to complete all 6 activities though, so some killing will be included.


    Maybe someone knows, was Wiki with new Skills updated?)

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