This idea will kill all games in the world It will make everyone in the world want to play Fractured


    Lets go
    I will take you on a tour of a novel
    There was something that I loved from the bottom of my heart that made their game so successful and global companies kept a lot of money in the game. What the game’s management promises to the players is that it will not interfere and that it will not make the game buy to win, and everything that happens is at the players ’choice only.
    Everyone wonders what is this thing that made this game become the best game in the world
    This thing is money
    As we all know every game needs money to keep going.
    And every person in the world wants money.
    But this was a game that had a nice way to get money.
    It was by selling gold in the game with real money and receiving it in reality, and the game took its commission from the money sold by the game to be like the mediator.
    I'll give you an example *
    I am in the game, I see the player’s character in front of me, checking my skills, after 5 minutes have passed. I receive a message for Person X who wants to buy 10,000 gold for $ 100.
    Open the gold trade window and place 10,000 gold at a price of $ 100
    It appears to me that I will get 90 dollars and 10 dollars going to the game to help me trade and transfer my money to reality safely.
    I know it's an idea that I implemented the game, it will be the best game in the world
    Just look at YouTube, how many people have become a workplace I know that gaming money trading is not new but there is no game that offers powers to do business in the game
    The world needs a game from which to make money Everyone must enter and leave a message in order for this message to reach the game
    This is just the beginning. I will give you all my experience for this game, a masterpiece that I have never seen just in the novels of virtual reality games

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    @anasfract there are quite some games that tell you that you can make real money in them, but I think that in the end that concept will ruin the idea of gaming, since people will only do content to gather in game money and try to sell for real life money, generating inflation and pulling people away from fun content and towards reward-only content.
    All in all I'd say no to that.

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    This has actually been done before, and it doesn't work out well.

    Here's why: One of the main appeals to the buying and selling of in-game money/resources is the illicit nature of it. Shoot, Second Life allowed all kinds of virtual to real commerce, and it worked for a short while, but eventually degenerated down to another glorified chat program.

    I remember back when I was playing EverQuest regularly. the appeal wasn't in buying and selling game money, it was in selling techniques for acquiring said money yourself, aka Plat Guides. I know, back in the 2000s, I was writing and selling a Plat Guide on Ebay making a modest amount, enough to keep up my game dues anyway.

    Back in the Ultima Online era, the first major MMO, my buddy made enough selling in game gold that he bought his own Quiznos Franchise in California. Such things work, but they work mainly because there is either a strategy guide feel to the sale (Plat guides, for instance) on the legit side, or there's an illicit quality to the sale that appeals to a certain portion of the player base who prefers to pay their way ahead in a game.

    Games themselves have also sold extra in-game resources and perks, becoming Pay-to-win games, which is a total disaster all their own.


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