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  • Hello, I bought the legend version witch include 3 mounth of vip membership but the server are still close. This VIP membership is usless then?

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    All founder's pack perks, except for Alpha/Beta access, are only good once the game itself launches. As the game is currently in Alpha Testing, you have to wait for a scheduled Alpha test to run to use the game at all, or join in on a stress test.

    Alpha tests run approximately 1 in every 3 month period (1 per quarter/season) with the next one scheduled for Late February, possibly early March. Stress tests, when they happen, are usually run 1-2 weeks after the end of an Alpha test phase and run 3-5 days and require no founder's pack to join, used to either test a very small niche change, or more likely to see how the servers hold up to a huge potential player base with no limit to who can join in.

    Also, at the end of EVERY test phase, all characters and houses and cities and such are scrubbed and reset to the beginning. Just warning you so you are not surprised by this when you get to join in.

    This means, in essence, your pack perk isn't useless, it's just not available for redemption yet. The game is not set to release until 2022 earliest, and possibly 2023 or later, depending on the results of testing. You have invested in a game in its development stage, not a complete and ready to play game, which the website makes clear in several dozen places, Just the fact that a founder's pack mentions alpha server access would indicate that the game is still in alpha testing. Once you start seeing the Beta tests running, the founder packs won't bother to say Alpha access, and that line will switch to Beta Access I'm guessing, as Alpha will be over with by then.


    To answer your question as simply as possible @Myeerco ... Yes, your VIP is useless, FOR NOW. You won't run out of VIP time though. your VIP will only be in effect, after the game goes to full release and you are able to claim it. We still have a few Alpha tests and the entirety of Beta before most of your perks will be able to be claimed.

    Again, Your VIP membership will only be claimable after Full Release. 🙂

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