WASD movement.


    I mentioned this in the discord, and it was met with a few who really like this, and one that seemed heavily against it.

    I would like to see more keyboard versatility, support for keybinds would be really nice.

    I would also LOVE to have WASD movement, while maintaining the requirement to aim with the mouse pointer. Some might agree, or disagree, i however think the option to move either way, via mouseclick or keybinds would be phenomenal in making this easier to play for some who are used to that movement type, while still allowing those who prefer the mouseclick "LOL" style movement to play as they like.

    I hope this would be considered down the line.


    More options is never, ever a bad thing. Custom keybinds and other optional toggles can be a massive boon to people with forms of disability ranging from carpal tunnel to paralysis, etc. That being said the current implementation of movement/camera just feels a bit wonky and in many instances leads to annoyances in combat scenarios. If we're not going to get WASD movement we need to be able to pan/rotate the camera perspective in some ways. I've lost count how many times trees, buildings, etc. have managed to get in the way of my combat visuals or lead to unintended interaction with world objects. It also leads to combat feeling a bit less snappy and less fluid IMO. Either of the above suggestions would address the issue, but I'm sure implementing WASD would be easier from a dev perspective.


    I feel it would be a hugely positive addition to the game.

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    I'm fairly certain they've said on numerous occasions that there is no plans for a WASD movement option. The mouse-movement system is essential for their vision of the game.

    There will be keybinding, but that is a QoL improvement that we shouldn't really expect until late Beta at the earliest once they have the mechanical issues resolved.


    @GamerSeuss I've read the comments made by @Prometheus all the way back in 2017 and frankly the reasoning doesn't make much sense. The reason they don't want to provide it as an OPTION is because the players who use it will put themselves at a disadvantage? So what? If they're more comfortable playing that way, better or worse individual performance isn't the devs concern. Accessibility and comfort are going to be far more important to most people than anything else especially in a new game or genre. If it truly does lead to a disadvantage then the option to revert back to the intended control scheme will always be there and players who are concerned that their competitive edge has been dulled by the choice of WASD can revert back.

    I also heavily dispute the thought process being used when operating on the belief that there will be more freedom/effectiveness in combat. Players using WASD who may have reduced ability to do quick flicks for various reasons would benefit from the WASD control scheme, rather than be hurt by it. All I've seen about it basically boils down to 'Well Diablo and POE do it, so we're going to do it as well.'

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    @LtKrunch You may disagree with their reasoning, which is perfectly within your rights to do so, but that doesn't mean your going to change that reasoning, nor will anyone else, just by constantly stating their desire for something different.

    The Devs have said that there are certain design principles that they aren't prepared to change, and once something falls into that category, it pretty much becomes a moot point and then your no longer giving productive feedback by continually calling for this same change. I personally agree with the Devs thought processes on this matter and believe that if they envision he game's essential movement mechanics to be best represented by a mouse click system, than that is what they should stick to their guns about and not compromise on.

    I'm not saying to stop giving productive feedback as to changes you might want to see in the game, however, pick your pattles as it were. If you see that a battle is lost, don't just keep 'beating a dead horse' as it were, acknowledge that this is not one of the areas in which you are going to get the change you want, evaluate if the game is still one you would want to play without that change, and move forward accordingly. Brow-beating and constantly rehashing the same subject over and over on a closed point does nobody any good, and just wastes the space that could be used to bring about actual improvements that are possible.


    @GamerSeuss All of that is fair enough. They have a vision and it's good to stick to it. Plenty of devs don't know when to say no. There are core design principles in any game. However when something comes up so often and consistently over 3 years then the devs owe it to the game's community to give them solid reasons; which they've failed to do in this instance. Which makes it come off as disrespectful or at the least dismissive to the community, those who funded and those interested in funding the game.

    Since you seem to agree with them, maybe you could inform me a bit more on what heir outlook might be here since what they provided didn't really make any sense if you stopped to think about it for a minute. Why do you think not providing an option for WASD is preferable?

    I hope this doesn't come off as hostile, that's not the intent. I'm just curious how even having the option can be seen as being a bad thing for the game.

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