Legacy- no longer works [DPS][Unarmed][Light Armor][Solo] Shocking Touch of the Shadow Dancer

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    This Legacy build no longer works, many of the skills have been changed, equipment and skill tree. I would not attempt trying to follow this build at all.

    Hay everyone, today I'll discuss one of my favorite builds~ Unarmed DPS. I have been refining it since last test and it was made mainly because metal weapons took so long to make...
    The Shocking Touch of the Shadow Dancer was born.
    Because if it was not going to be stabbing anyone soon~ I might as well punch em'.

    The build was made up to fight legends; and incase one of the legends had high armor and magical resistance we needed a true damage, damage dealer.

    So using shadow dance in combined with the touch skills and unarmed damage, I ended up with a unique build; a hybrid DPS, dealing magic, physical and true damage.
    The gear is cheap to make, and will mainly take enchanting to get the ideal armor sets. This guide will walk you down everything from main skills, to possible skills to pick, gear, enchants and talents.

    MAX Attack speed + 3 types of damages.
    Base Stats~
    STR10, DEX18, INT15, CON18, PER10, CHA6

    Main skills~
    alt text
    R - [Shadow dance] for true damage
    T - [Shocking touch] for Magic damage
    D - [Frenzy] for speed
    G - [Shield block] for block/tankness.
    E - [Second wind] for big heal
    Q - [bash] for extra attack/stun
    W - [Shadow Step] for gap closer
    F - Bandage

    -Light armor - ghoul leather (has lots of stealth; stealth means pure damage)
    -Light wood Shield

    -CON, DEX on amulet
    -Stealth on armor + shield
    if you're having mana problems, mana regen enchant can help
    for the rest of the enchanting slots ACC or health regen is also very viable

    alt text


    KEY MECHANICS: Many of the skills are toggled passives; so you only need to turn them on then ignore them. The only other skills you'll have to worry about is healing and possible 1-2 other skills depending on your own taste. True damage requires gear, and Passive/stance skills require sustainable mana (ie 5/mana sec); meaning this build might take some effort in setting up, but I'll take you thought the steps of early game. Lastly your main DPS will be from True damage, screw the rest (Jk you do all the dmg's still...).

    -Never have a weapon that breaks!
    -Sustainable damage rate: Physical, Magic, & true damage! you can hit any type of mob even [[wisp]]!.
    -Pretty tanky in general vs pve; mainly from [Shield block]
    --Can Solo/face tank [Mountain Trolls] & [Treants]

    -Medium damage that's not as high as a Mage or some other Melee DPS types
    -pvp: not very good in 1 v1
    -No CC skills, you're pretty much just a straight damage dealer

    Stats can get a little confusing with all the skills in the game. I'll break down the reasons why I pick each stat and also show you were the build can change depending on your varying play styles.

    Strength: 10
    STR adds damage to Melee unarmed attacks. None of the skill in the build scale from STR. The scaling of damage is not great over other stats so picking 6 STR or 10 STR is not a bad idea.

    Each point of STR adds 3% to Melee Damage
    using relentless style to test Max base damage
    STR(6) you get 36 dmg (with unarmed talents & STR(7) 56 dmg)
    STR(10) you get 41 dmg (with unarmed talents & STR(11)  62 dmg)
    STR(18) you get 49 dmg (with unarmed talents & STR(19)  74 dmg)
    STR(20) you get 58 dmg ()
    {cost 10 points to get from 6 to 10} 
    {cost 30 points to get from 6 to 18} 
    {cost 20 point to get from 10 to 18} 

    Dexterity: 14 - 18
    DEX adds a bit of attack speed and will scale with our main skill [Shadow Dance]. the main idea here is pure damage can't blocked or reduce with any amount of armor. This makes it ideal for taking down legends or high armor foes.
    The main way to increase Pure damage in this build is by increasing attack speeds and stealth.

    Each point of Dex past 10 dex adds 1% more attack speed. No bonus is given at 20 DEX or past.
    [Shadow Dance] gives {Dex*2=Stealth} then damage by {Stealth/4}. if you have 20 Dex you'll do 10 extra pure damage.
    Base Stealth is 0. From talents you can gain up to 130 (120 stealth, 5 for each DEX past 18). Enchantment on gear can push Stealth up to 500. 

    Intelligence: 12 -18 (24 memory and 26/s mana regen)
    INT is the base for your mana regen and touch skill damage. each INT point adds 3 magic damage to touch skills.
    This is also helpful for [Mage armor] and [Minor healing].
    I suggest 14 if you want some room to play with skills, or 18 if you wish to max touch/magic damage.
    You don't need to worry about mana regen, as your talents and gear can pretty much cover all the mana regen you'll ever need. Magic damage is pretty much the lowest damage you can gain from the build unless you change the build of course 😉

    Constitution: 18
    CON is mainly used for frenzy, it gives you 1% more attack speed per CON.
    also shield block, what with 20 CON you can block every 3.6sec. This can allow you to solo most PvE content.
    If you don't expect to soloing anything ever then you can lose the CON and use the point's else where.
    But I don't expect to talk about this in this guide.

    Perception: 6
    So PER... a sort of black sheep of the stats. It's either really good or really bad. ACC comes from PER, it's honestly...meh.
    I don't go for crit either in my build. if you were to build for crit the max damage you get would be getting is 187 (should be 220 but scaling is weird in my test); top that off with the randomness crit does you could get a 60! crit or 150! crit. So I just don't build for it.
    Magic damage, and pure damage also don't crit.

    I've already tested this and also have the math of what ACC vs EVA is...
    Most mobs have 160EVA. Humanoid having 300-400. 
    PER6 ACC90 vs EVA270 (no talents) expected miss rate 20%
    PER13 ACC395 vs EVA270  (with talents) expected miss rate 16%
    PER20 ACC640 vs EVA270 (Full talents),  expected miss rate 14%
    PER6 ACC90 vs EVA500 expected miss rate 37%
    PER13 ACC395 vs EVA270  (with talents) expected miss rate 30%

    **charisma: 6 **
    CHA is only luck, it's not needed unless you're trying to sneak in critical damage or are trying to get more out of melee damage. I normally go with 6.

    Ending notes: I commonly do STR10, DEX18, INT15, CON18, PER10, CHA6

    The skills are limited to unarmed skills & light armor.
    alt text

    You can only have one stance skill, so we pick shadow dance. The other stance being Relentless style, what sadly can't be used.
    -[Shadow Dance] - [DEX*2=Stealth Bonus] [Stealth/4 = DMG]

    You can only have one weapon modifier active, IE one touch skill. you can pick from
    -[Shocking Touch] - [int *3 = Shock DMG]
    -[Chilling Touch] - [int *3 = Ice DMG]
    -[Paralyzing Touch] -

    and then a staple of attacking fast with unarmed
    -[Frenzy] - attack speed is increased by CON%
    With it's new changes of not being able to heal during use, you'll need to toggle this skill on and off for max damage outputs.

    alt text

    So with the main skills out of the way let's talk about defense. How are we going to stop mobs from melting our face the moment we enter battle?

    For that we look at Shield Block, Mage Armor, & a heal skill.
    Shield block is a pretty strong all around defense skill. with High CON (we'll be aiming at 22con) you'll be blocking every 3.6 sec.
    Mage Armor is mainly to bring the Magic Resistance up, it's a sorta wild card pick and only needed when you expect heavy magic dealing fights.

    Healing skills I go with
    -[Minor Healing]
    and/or [Second Wind]

    I rotate my last 2 skills out commonly
    -[Bash] good for extra damage and a bit of a stun
    -[Shadow Step] a gap closer and helps with getting out of CC, you need to be close to do damage after all.
    -[Boon of Tenacity] or [Resolve] both are anti CC. Resolve helps with making you immune for a while.

    -[Absorb] is great for early game or if you for whatever reason have mana problems.
    -[Relocate] is a good skill to use when you're just farming.

    And lastly not a skill but normally takes up a slot on my bar
    ~bandages of course

    For PvP it's better to become a mage interrupter using [Paralyzing Touch] -
    [Paralyzing Touch] stuns a target for 0.20 of a sec. This might not seem like a lot, but it will nearly shutdown a mage from using any skills until they get away from you.

    The main talents to pick up ASAP is [Meditate I], II and III. This will solve most mana problems. if you're spamming skills like [Bash] then that would be the only reason you will start to run out of mana.
    alt text

    Next work to picking up [Martial Artist].
    [Martial artist] will add a lot of physical damage to your attacks, on your way there you have the choice of Brawler talents and Skirmisher talents. these two talents are useless and add no damage to unarmed skills. they only add damage to Melee weapons.
    alt text

    You'll need sustain/ life regen when solo, so it's best to pickup some HP regen.
    alt text

    Lastly you want to pick up [Robust I] and II for the extra CON (more attack speed).

    Other node's I go for is [Master pugilist] for the 5% free bash, [Titan fighter] for 50% more critical damage, the other Dex Node + [furtive III] to get the extra stealth for pure damage.

    An example of the talents I use while Solo
    alt text

    As group DPS I run less sustain hp and more DPS
    alt text

    LIGHT GEAR!!! There is so little you can pick but the best gear TO pick is ghoul. it's easy to farm and gives you stealth as a base boost. When you just start, it might be a little hard to get (and you also need access to tanning tubs....) so pick scholars. no need to go all out on it.
    -Ghoul leather gear
    -Wooden buckler
    -Wolf Teeth Necklace or Bear Claws Pendant

    Enchants are pretty easy to figure out
    Necklace : CON + DEX + Stealth bonus
    Armor : Stealth bonus
    Shield : Stealth bonus

    Ending Notes: There's many holes in the build and room for improvement; such as ways you can up the DPS of the build; but the build was mainly for hunting legends or high armored foes. True Damage was always the goal. You could easily up the DPS with other unarmed magic skills or by being more of a grass cannon and upping physical damage + critical. Either way will reduce the amount of True damage you do. Thank you for reading my build and you're welcome to build off it.

    Some videos of me pvping:
    Lost 1 v 2 (maze vs prosti & Frajola) - https://i.gyazo.com/edf00084247923367cbf3f786020ff03.mp4

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    I was considering a monk farmer toon and this build felt like a super springboard. I did tweak it a tad bc you said you were still evolving this. If it works well I'll show you my work.

    THANKS! 🖖


    I've been playing this build for a few weeks now, it is a little hard to get going if your try to just start solo, but with friends/guild its easy and pretty dang fun.

  • What beginning class did you start with?

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    The build explained here no longer exists, since shadow dancing no longer works like that.

  • @maze said in [DPS][Unarmed][Light Armor][Solo] Shocking Touch of the Shadow Dancer:

    -Light armor - ghoul leather (has lots of stealth; stealth means pure damage)

    Why does stealth mean pure damage?


    also no shield block skill. it was op.

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    @Radamand said in [DPS][Unarmed][Light Armor][Solo] Shocking Touch of the Shadow Dancer:

    @maze said in [DPS][Unarmed][Light Armor][Solo] Shocking Touch of the Shadow Dancer:

    -Light armor - ghoul leather (has lots of stealth; stealth means pure damage)

    Why does stealth mean pure damage?

    As I said, that build no longer exists, and that's one of the reasons.

    Previously, we had a skill which turned 1/4 of your stealth value into a bonus pure damage on your attacks.

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