"PARTY MEMBER DOWN!" Messages in Chat

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    Since we have no UI for the party I would like to suggest a "Nekrage has fallen" type of message in chat so your party members know that someone is in trouble.

    Don't put the Nekrage one in though since I am not going to die. :^)


    I agree, since i main healers in most games i would love some sort of grp ui and such messages onscreen.

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    Agreeing too.

    Not just such message, a Party UI with some more features would be nice.
    We had yesterday the problem after our Party Leader left the game, that we could not figuring out, if all people are still online. So an activity/online indicator for group members would be nice. (same for guild 😉 )


    Great suggestions from both Nekrage and Kralith here. I'm hoping that the chat will be a focus during the next inter-regnum. It's super to have the different channels - now we need some more functionality. Status changes for party members (and guild members too - coming online or logging off) and a (please God?) mute/ignore toggle would add so much and take so little effort.


    up STATUS SERVER ,and chat city

  • And maybe add Diablo II approach - each number on num keyboard was voiced simple message:

    0 - Player's character says "Help."
    1 - Player's character says "Follow me."
    2 - Player's character says "For you."
    3 - Player's character says "Thanks."
    4 - Player's character says "Sorry."
    5 - Player's character says "Bye."
    6 - Player's character says "Die."

    Ofc these could be different and maybe some text might appear above head of one talking (as in Planescape Torment / fallout) to identify the talker (at least inside the group).

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