Gold from silver deposit

  • The coal mine of our city have 7 silver and 3 gold deposits, but some of the silver deposits acting weird lately.
    They worked fine when this phase started, but now this three silver deposits (at 2458 W 1028 N) give 2 silvers and 1 gold.
    Another double silver deposit (at 2458 W 1028 N) give 1 silver and 1 gold too.

  • 6 hours later:
    Got silver from both, but now I got gold ore from a third silver deposit.


    @Sawahya said in Gold from silver deposit:

    from both, but now I got gold ore from a third silver d

    I think that all of them are silver deposits or stone deposits. Its just that the silver deposits have a "chance" of producing gold instead, unless you are at a dual resource node which I do not fully know about just yet since I have never encountered a dual node, however I can say that all the other specific metal nodes have a small chance to produce one other metal ore.

  • @Ostaff
    It's a Coal mine with 7 silver and 3 gold deposits. At least they are looks like that. 🙂
    As I saw only the silver deposits produced gold ore instead of silver. The gold ones always produced gold.
    That's why it was weird for me, but that "chance" could be the reason.
    Thx for the info.

  • DymStudios - CEO

    @Sawahya @Ostaff Silver deposits only generate Silver, as Gold deposits only generate Gold. The ones in the picture are a quite unique type of deposit called Silver/Gold deposit that can generate both. Its color is in between the other two, but it's admittedly hard to distinguish. Things will become much clearer once we implement mouseover tooltips for all world objects 🙂

  • @Prometheus Good to know, thanks for the info 🙂

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