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    Hey devs and whoever reads this. First of all thank you very much for providing our community with keys this run. We have had a much larger interest AND engagement this round compared to previous one. A few of us have even brought packs (I bought 2 alpha packs myself). However, a lot of community are still on the fence about the game. 80% of people said the reason for their indecisiveness was the fact that combat was very clunky and glitchy as well as QoL that made game boring. We are aware that the next update will be a PvP/combat update, and are eagerly awaiting to test run that test as well. From that update onward we can make a decision wherever we want the game to become an official chapter for us as a guild. Regarding QoL - we were disappointed to see no ability to trade with one another, as well as no way to rebind hot keys. Overall the response for this patch was very positive however. We feel like you have the town system pretty much nailed (apart from the Monopoly which Nekrage already addressed in his post). And PvP is genuinely fun despite the clunky and sometimes glitchy combat. The world is very large, allowing for a lot of exploration, but not too large to make travel boring. The gear variety this patch was also very refreshing to see - allowing for some very interesting builds - and although some of it could use with a buff/nerf, we sincerely hope that for next patch this balance will be a lot more polished. Thank you once again for the opportunity, and see you next round!



    Aye, I also am mostly pleased with the development of this test. It by far has been the best one they have made. And likewise, I think they seriously need to work on the QoL of things before adding too much more to the game. They are small things (better collision algorithms that have haunted us since day one ... YES.. talking about you TREES, corpses, and WALLS), working permissions (They fixed this last test and like a lot of the bugs this test, they were ALL fixed last test but here they are again!), movement (major killer here, its a very unhealthy movement system currently, even without the darn interrupting trees, its real life physically unhealthy), keybinding (those A and S keys!!! ARG the WORST!!! right in there with all our combat skills keys and total fight breakers).

    Also, they introduced a bug with skills this test where some skills just quite literally would never go off. A major bug that needs fixing, I believe.

    With that said, thank you devs for adding mini map Party markers!!!! (finally!!!), and the game play has been over all better than the last few tests.

    I believe, if the devs can add the QoL MUST HAVES to the game, we will be swarming in lots of new players cause the game will be the best that is out there today 🙂 and all the rest is mostly just balancing which will be covered over the life span of the tests. But the devs need to stop using their "hot keys" so much and learn what the "players" actually have to go through so they will see exactly what we are complaining about and why they need to fix them.


    Fully agreed.

    With a better combat system, more of our former CoE community (230 members) would come over.


    Biggest and very important QoL this game is missing is ability to choose movement style. Would fix so many (ingame and real life health) issues #WSADrules



    sadly, the devs have given that QoL a hard "No." 😞


    I'm not fussed about the movement keys, but I do agree with @Ostaff that @Prometheus & the devs should catch up on QoL before introducing more content.

    The house bug lingered WAY too long, and that would be enough to discourage me altogether if I were a new player who had spent 3 days building a nice big home for myself and then couldn't put a fireplace in it. I really appreciate the ability to see party members on the minimap, at last.

    Spending some time catching that stuff up will sell the game more effectively than adding way more content for the next alpha, imo. There are plenty of suggestions on the forum to look over.

    The one QoL suggestion that IS new content is the ability to do personal trading 1 to 1. Being able to transfer inventory btw members of a party would do just fine and seems like it should be an easy thing to patch in.

    Similarly, welcome new content QoL for me would be the ability to mute/block dbags and trolls on global chat and the introduction of a few basic emotes like /greet 🙋 /bow 👑 & /applaud 👏


    All in all I'm very impressed with this being an alpha. However, I do agree that it will come down to some QoL fixes, bug squashing, and how they implement the remaining stuff. But I'm having fun even at this stage, so I'm excited to see what is yet to come.

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