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    I want to talk to devs aboutnonsense situation with farms. well its ok for a while to have farms inside the city, should be changed in futute and put outside of city walls. But what is more inportant that every city NOW can have small farm in a city. Dont you think its very bad idea? food is the same resource as metals and coal. But for some stupid reason everyone have access to it, while some cities are MADE to be a farm city. LET ME EXPLAIN. Its the same if everyone could just grow iron ore in your own city, well, any metal. YOU SEE? Why some city have access/connection only to farmland and they cant get any ore while other can just grow that food like a grass.
    We should FORBIDE all city farming except for cities with farmlands, this way those farmland cities will be needed as equal as ore cities.
    Am i wrong?


    Honestly, no one “needs” support from a farm town unless they get so big that they can’t grow there own food fast enough. Even then, the value of gains is very, very low. Some poor guy was trying to sell/trade his rice for hours the other day. No one needed it. A few crud farms will do the trick for most small to mid size towns.

    The farms need to have more value than what they have now. Everyone should need the fellow city next to them...

    My thought is, lower the yield and increase the time at a non-farm town. Make special foods only able to be grown in a farm town, thus making everyone else stuck with basic food grains.


    @BlueGoblin yes this is also going to work. But in my opinion my suggestion better, in some sense,
    cos in it you have food like dedicated resource of city. Same like u depends on coal, which only particular city have same should be for food. And small scale food production can be given to private house lot as form of small business. Basically city which grow wheat in a middle of itself is a nonsense.

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    Farming and Mining are two very different types of resources.

    A Mine requires finding a Vein of Ore to harvest from. As a Vein dries up, you dig deeper and expand your mine to continue producing ore.

    A Farm requires Arable land. A combination of space, fertalizer, seeds, irrigation, and effort. A farm can be placed wherever the owner is willing to sacrifice the land-space to create the farm, either inside or outside of the city walls. The main difference between Farming resources is a matter of scale. Exterior farms can grow larger yields of produce, and certain types of land are better for certain types of crops...also, certain crops have a minimum size needed to be viable. Example being Corn...ever try to grow corn in a backyard garden? It's hard to keep the Corn growing, as it takes a minimum of about 10 plants or so to really make a patch of corn viable. Then there's Rice. Rice grows in Rice paddies, which are partially submerged mire-type areas. Rice grows basically upon the water in shallow swamp like conditions.

    Now, each city has a finite amount of room to build. If they choose to sacrifice citizenry housing for farming plots, that's their decision to make, but it is viable. Some cities, on the other hand, are adjacent to actual Farming Nodes, so like the Rice Paddies and large fields where you see a reall plantation sized crop of grains and cereals being produced. This is the benefit that a city with a farming node has over cities having to sacrifice their housing space to keep up their food supplies.

    In addition, of course, the game is ripe with wild beasts with edible flesh that adventurers are constantly collecting, but some Food Nodes in the future might actually be good places to put a more domesticated herd for meat and dairy and eggs.

    The game is going for as much realism as it can get, and that's why you don't have the farming strictly limited like you do the ores.


    all res they simply can be classified by affort needed in two categories - Search and Yield. So Vein always in one place, crop is is always in one place. Not like an animals (supposadly) which are also in one place. And yeild is also almost the same as you get ore more often but in less numbers and crop one 2 days but in large amounts. I dont see any diffrence. Its not like a real life. its much more simple in game. and it cannot be significant diffirence by design (due balance). The only difference i see that u can actually deside how many plots you choose for farms. So the question is very simple - why city#1 have only 1 type resorses stucked to its city - CROP. And city #2 has both crop and iron and tin at the same time.
    If we are going to talk about feir deal, we must EITHER give crop city also one ore vain, OR take away crop growing posibilities from city#2. Also crop city has only crop but ore city has two ores veriety.

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