Please fill up your Trading Posts!

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    Hello fellow adventurers,

    I have visited 80% of the cities the last few days and I have noticed that most of them do not use the trading posts.
    The other few cities have mostly sell prices of 1 gold and buy prices of 500 gold.

    Only 5 cities had realistic prices of 50 to 100 gold per resource.

    Not everyone is in a big guild that owns several cities.

    It is an Alpha, how are we supposed to test if we can't produce anything?

    I would be very happy if you put in the resources of your mine for 50 to 100 gold and also put resources you need for the same price in the trading post.

    There are already so many players who have lost the desire to play the Alpha because they can't do anything except knock down monsters.

    Best wishes and stay healthy!


    The problem in this test is gold coin has very little value and very few are willing to sell resources for coin.

    It would be cool to have an option to allow trading posts to sell resources directly for other resources, this would be useful for this test. When the game is released coin probably will have value so i'm not sure a change just for alpha is worth it.

    Edit: I am in the town of Argo and we had 100+ iron selling for 50g and buying all others for 50g but had to stop selling iron because people were only taking iron without selling us anything.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @Accol We are selling Coal for 65 Gold and are buying Iron, Copper, Silver and Gold for 65 Gold.

    I would be happy if you would come by with a truckload of iron > Klingenhain (Southern Hills).

    I will definitely visit you today as well. You are one of the 20% that I did not visit πŸ™‚ I will message you at Discord, then you can put the iron back in, I would bring 30 coal πŸ™‚


    @Accol the problem is transportation. It’s easier for everyone to ride to a city across the map with a fist full of gold. Build a cart and drag it back home. Selling the items requires twice the amount of time in a cart.

    Carts need to move way!!! Faster to encourage trade. Like 2-3 times faster.

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    I have already explained in many posts and even made a video about this with 30 minutes detailed explanation. The problem what devs have, that they ve made one step, but the have to make the second. And second one is governors make their own golden currency. That's it. It will fix everything. Not going to explain, I'm tired. Peace and love to all.


    how does a local currency solve the issues of people not using trading posts currently?

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    @AlejoTheBear easy, if governors have brain. You want me to start lecture? Ok answer, what money is?

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    Matie, just watch this first before asking

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    I watched the video with English subtitles. A separate currency per city could solve the problem, but will cause more problems and increase the complexity.
    It is also said in the video that this will prevent RMT. This is not the case. RMT sites will then not offer gold, but certain rare resources that can be used as exchange currency.

    The problem of MMOs is that the money has no equivalent value and it is generated again and again. If I have a lot of time, I kill a lot of monsters and thus have an infinite amount of money one day.

    The money must be limited. Then it is a stable medium of exchange.

    This can be realized by allowing cities with gold mines to create normal gold coins and on the other side there are mechanisms that take gold out of the game. NPCs do not have any gold. Then it could work without adding several dimensions of complexity.

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    @boogis said in Please fill up your Trading Posts!:

    I have already explained in many posts and even made a video about this with 30 minutes detailed explanation. The problem what devs have, that they ve made one step, but the have to make the second. And second one is governors make their own golden currency. That's it. It will fix everything. Not going to explain, I'm tired. Peace and love to all.

    In actuality, in an Alpha setting, individual currencies would just exaccerbate your problem, not even coming close to solving it.

    If Gold Coins really have no relative value in the game, then individual city/guild/area currencies would also have no real value, just whatever value the creator of said currency tries to assign to them, with no power behind them to actually back up that currency.

    Currency systems only work if there is a set amount of currency based on some other real commodity backing that curency, a scarcity of resources, and said currency, and a measurable way of evaluting the influx to the outflow of currency into the gaming world economy.

    Sorry, your solution is a total non-solution, because it doesn't by any means answer the underlyng issue.

    Now, if the 2 Game World run cities had Trading posts, and they actively adjusted prices according to supply and demand of resources in the 2 hemispheres of the game (North West and South East parts of the map), then you would begin to establish some baseline value to gold. Further, these cities would make it so unaffiliated players would have at least some access to crafted raw materials such as Iron Ingots and Tanned Leather. As the game wants the economy to be 100% player driven, I don't see that happening.

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    @Blectorn i can feel your pain and I'm on that boat with you, but u cannot create a paradise just simply limiting coins. Look what happens with gold in real life. We use banknotes and now even credit cards. What it should be is a freedom. What do u think those guys all fight for freedom for in real world? Thats exactly a point

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    @GamerSeuss you simply dont understand how it all work, and it obvious. Like I said a governor with brain will manage how to use this system for huge benefit.

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    @boogis said in Please fill up your Trading Posts!:

    @GamerSeuss you simply dont understand how it all work, and it obvious. Like I said a governor with brain will manage how to use this system for huge benefit.

    I'm an economist, among other things, so I know quite well how currency works. Without the backing to give your currency a real value, it has none. Right now you have currency as a nigh on infinite resource...especially if you like to kill zombies, skeletons, and goblins, the 3 biggest sources of coinage. Smelting and striking individualize currency does no good if there is no demand for the little discs of gold in the world at large.

    In the Alpha state that the game is in currently, your really not going to solve your issue, no matter how much you try to spit-patch it with competing currency markets. No demand means supply is meaningless. Doesn't matter if it's the generic Gold piece found in the wild, or Oran'Thal's Golden Dragons your trading in. Nobody wants to trade, so there still won't be much trade...



    I can honestly say that I have played games with multiple types of currencies, and none of those currencies would ever hold out.. it always went back to just one or two main ones that everyone used. The only thing having multiple currencies did in the games were to cause aggravation and annoyances.

    And I do agree with @GamerSeuss. It doesn't solve the problem. Honestly, I would love to remove the gold equation from the game all together and go with a strict bartering system. This system doesn't work well in real life due to having to carry all those goods, but a video game does not have that limitation unless coded for it. With a barter system you would not need a big money sink and each city would be able to set their barter ratios. We have money in real life strictly for convenience, a game doesn't need it.

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    @Ostaff matie, we had one guy in russia who tried to create what you are saing with barter, like a barter stock market. he failed. he is a first russian millioner who created first russian stock market. this is simply doest work. Well it will in the game, cos in game you are the God and you deside how things are done, but really? a barter? its exactly what i am suggesting. People will pick some items lets call them jems or bear theeth and will use them as a money (@GamerSeuss im an economist too btw). You cannot simply get rid of money cos its a natural system of exchange, but unswering my own question to you guys - "What is money?" i can say that money just simply idicates how good you r doing comparing to others. Ok lets do barter, fine. but city#1 will be bartering for wolves teeth and city #2 will be bartering for rabbit teeth. And we ll end up with same what i was suggesting, but if we implement golden standart then it will be clear for everyone - gold is money. golden vain owner - RICH. But its not only gold what makes you rich, no. its your economy. gold ONLY represent rarity. its could be easily be a copper ar wolven teeth, doesnt matter. But if you put your stamp on a coin that meens this particulat peice of gold represent your economy. so you can simply say - "in my town we only trade for my golden coins. My city has a lots of golden ingots on market so if you wanna buy my golden ingot you gotta buy it for my towns golden coins, and 1 golden ingot cost 110 my golden coins. but from 1 ingot i can produce 100 golden coins". That how you raise value of your golden coing everytime by 10% with every gold deal. But you cannont eat and drink gold right? so other city who own iron can do the same thing and thats when thing start to be interesting. wars, friendships, alliences, crime and all sh**t begins. now i just explained you whole economy on my 5 fingers and still do not get it.

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    You're still missing the point...the towns don't really have the power to drive the currency right now.

    Until you can legitimately drive the economy, coinage is a symbol without meaning. The US Dollar started out on a Gold Standard, then they came out with the Silver Certificates, which meant all gold was backed by Silver, nowadays, the USDollar is backed by the US's value in the Stock Exchange globally. The fact of the matter is, there is still a finite backing to grant legitimacy to the coins/dollar bills/credit out there.

    In game, a city owner could create coinage until the cows come home. That still doesn't change the fact that gold itself doesn't really matter to the Governors out there beyond upkeep of their cities. Their resources aren't going to suddenly fill up their trading posts with the new currency replacing the Gold Piece, because they are still going to value their resources more than the gold they could get openly trading right now.

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    @GamerSeuss ok. u saying that printed coins itself are not gonna make players trade. money wont drive an economy. well then nothing would. what im suggesting is not big difference from what is it now. but there is still one. and you know what it is? private property. now nobody trading cos as u said money has no value. and its correct. but u missing a little detail - private property. ill explain. now money is a resource which everyone can have. now money is like a carrot, like mushroom, like a small stone. now money like a sh**t which everybody have. on the other hand however resources is something what only curtain people have. not everyone but chosen people. so...are u following? so now all we have to do is to make money private, same as resources. and wheel will start spining. cheers.

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    only if there is a demand for it. You have to have a demand before money or any other resource becomes valuable. Ore, Leather, etc... has value because in game, you need it to make better armor and/or weapons, money, really, is used to upkeep a city if your a member of a city, and to buy (1 time) a private plot, if your not, and then it's mostly useless. Adapting another currency will still just do the same thing, unless the Governors of cities 1. Start to charge their citizenry for some of the amenities in their towns, and 2. Mandate to each citizen an alotment they must pay towards the city upkeep...and again, this only assumes that they aren't taking advantage of the current situation, Like Nekrage has said, and just keeping their cities as Rank 1 to avoid paying upkeeps, and just grabbing as many cities in their guild as possible.

    NPC merchants who sell things for gold would create a value to gold, but in a player driven economy, where right now, most things are being made as needed by players, and major construction, like Metal, is controlled by cities who can choose to sell off goods and/or raw materials as they see fit, your not going to drive the economy up by just creating a few new currency systems. Yes, private property has value, but only that value the owners of the property, and the buyers of said property attribute to it.

    Once ports really open up and get used, that will draw out some money. Once Towns get most of their standard citizens equiped with a set of good gear, and a backup set, then towns will start to sell off excess raw materials and/or finished goods. Until then, your in economic limbo

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    @GamerSeuss private property of money (and other pp as well) once money become a private property there will be a demand. governor can buy off more expansive then sell, any sort of manipulation on market. thats what economy stands upon - personal growth. you cant mix player driven economy and RMT style currency system. it doesnt work as you already see. Thats a law ))))) why not to try something different.

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    Making money by killing mobs is easy.


    • The mobs do not have own gold coins.
    • The larger the city, the larger the ore deposits.
    • With gold ore you can produce gold coins.
    • The maintenance of a city costs gold coins.
    • If you go down, you lose 10% of your gold coins.This gold is magically distributed to the mobs.

    Problems of the global economy solved πŸ™‚

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