More use for personal houses everywhere


    The last couple tests I haven't claimed a house plot (and I'm a governor), because it's useless to me, except for storage (which the bank helps with).

    I'd suggest reworking all decorative house items to provide bonuses:

    • First, sleeping in your own bed gives you a "well-rested" buff of some kind (duration and intensity modified by type/quality of bed)
    • Furniture and decorations (like mounted animal heads) may augment that with very specific buffs

    You'd have "slots" for those kinds of decorations, so only X per house.

    Ultimately, I'd like to see houses with furniture and decorations that match the playstyle of the toon, so an enchanter's house would look different from a smith's house which would look different from a mage's house, and so forth. 🙂

    This would mean that while players could go to distant taverns to adventure, their best work would be done from home. 🙂

    (All the same, I'd also like to see decoration in taverns work much the same way, but be balanced so that a home is still better.)

    For that matter, I'd love to see appropriate, buff-providing decoration options for -all- crafting buildings. 🙂 These wouldn't be based on sleep, but on auras: so while inside the building, you get buffs related to the crafting.


    -------------------------------------------------This is Alpha-------------------------------------------------------------------
    And from other Alpha's I have been part of, this is actually pretty smooth with a lot of 'stuff' already. I am sure this is just a glimpse into the depth the Dev Q&As and what not eludes too.

    With that-

    Your desire seems legit. Right now I have a plot, outside the city with two houses on it. What for? Not really sure now. I am nearly "linked" to the city anyways for crafting any useful items. Only benefit off city plots have right now is you can rest memorize. So, a 2x2 with a fireplace. Other than that, storage.

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    @Roccandil i am agreeing with all points you made.
    So i just have to say: Yes, Yes, Yes please!


    @Roccandil I really want us to be able to make head mounts as stuff for houses. Hang that deer head up on my wall.

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