city saying it has no governor, despite being 3/4 built


    I was running around being a nut, like usual and sorting stuff out all over the place. Did a trade with a citizen of mine for a donation to the town treasurey, but when i got to the town hall... i saw this:
    unclaimed city....png
    Interacting with the flag brought up this:
    flag menu.jpg
    and my citizens didn't see it. It was normal for them. Only happened to me. Also, when i put the gold into the trasurey, for me, it just ate it and didn't add it to the total... but for everyone else it tallied up and looked normal.


    re-logging fixed it, but it is a bug that shouldn't happen, non-the-less 🙂

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    We had similar the first day. But we was still able to see the town management with all entries.
    But it wasn't just for me, for Shiva too. And a relog also fixed that for us.

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