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    Guys are you have some free key to test this game. I'm played a Albion online at 5-6 year and i boring. I looking some fresh game and i See this game has potetial.
    Sombody can give me free key to test Alpha game?


    why not buying a alpha key, and support the game ?


    I feel you on wishing for a free key but Ima be real with you, it ain't gonna happen unless you fully invest yourself into the community.
    At that point though, just buy a founders pack.
    It's worth the money though and it feels great to support them!

  • @Bhan yep i wish i can suport but 24 $ its too much to acess to Alpha. I thing a Alpha need to be at free not to pay.


    ALBION è un pacco di quelli pesanti! questo è un gioco serio

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    @Frankol23pl said in Free key to Alpha test:

    @Bhan yep i wish i can suport but 24 $ its too much to acess to Alpha. I thing a Alpha need to be at free not to pay.

    Alphas are rarely a Free endeavor anymore...the supply of potential testers is a lot higher than the demand now. Your lucky to get much free Beta time anymore, and practically no Alpha.

    That being said, keep watching the forums, as near the end of the testing phase of each Alpha so far, they have opened up a small window of free play to stress test the system with the increased load, usually 2-5 days worth, and you might get in on that. You can also experience the game vicariously by watching those of us who stream the game.

    This is originally a Kickstarter, crowd-funded project, and thus, when you support the game, your actively paying for the game's development all around. There is no big Uber-company behind this, Dynamight is a small studio putting this together on a small budget. They've done better than they expected, but in today's gaming world, charging for Alpha access is definitely a thing.


    @Frankol23pl I dont think they have given out free keys for this test last test they did but not this one I personally say buying it is not bad but whatever they usually open up at the end of the test for a day or two where anyone can play anyway


    @Frankol23pl I guess. Me personally, I see it as a contribution to their work and being able to be a part of something that's going to be great! I do understand the skepticism though, it is a risk. You jus gotta ask yourself if it's worth it

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