Left Click needs to be move only, or at least an option

  • As above, it is irritating AF when trying to move around and you can't properly because wherever you initially clicked was some kind of interaction. This will be awful in certain situations.


    I completely agree and as playing as mage where you can't stand and tank damage with the warrior, it is hard to move around without interacting with a tree and some bush icon popping up stopping what you are doing.

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    Add an Attack last command bindable to the keyboard, and take it off the mouse.
    Yes please... As a mage it's hard..

  • @tjcombo I've clicked on so many trees! It's so annoying. Maybe holding shift to choose if I want to stand still or not would be nice too or even a combat toggle.


    Two options.

    Remove interaction from left mouse click. All interactions are moved to right mouse click. Add hold shift to attack while standing still, like in other ARPG's.
    Add attack mode. In attack mode, interactions are removed entirely until sheathing your weapon.

    There are pro's and con's to both. But those are the obvious changes to me.

    Also, this game desperately needs a circle of transparency type mechanic.

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    @UndergroundLogic , @tjcombo , @DjBIGGZ , @doomslace , @d3Sync

    Use Right Mouse click for combat mainly, instead of left one.
    Just use left for moving and maybe attacking if you aren't in a dangerous situation or if you want move and fight.
    For all other situations right click is your friend. Especially if you are a mage or huntsman/marksman.
    You can attack with right click, but you will not move.


    @Kralith I've figured it out. That doesn't fix the problem that people are having though, as it's just a workaround. If I recall correctly, I read that people were having issues before this test with the exact same issue. So base this off of simple trends. I'd have to assume that this issue will continue to further tests if it is not addressed by the developers. I enjoy melee combat. So having to avoid trees and buildings is a problem. There is no transparency to avoid clicking on objects that you can interact with.

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