Future Taming and Mounts - Economy Driven only thoughts?


    For the future Taming. Would you rather all ridable mounts be economy/player driven only?

    I personally do not like "Mounts" in game to be purchasable through a cash shop. I feel they need to be either earned by playing or creating a tamer and obtaining them in game for trade. Thus giving Taming the addition of a side profession also.

  • To my understanding, you can't buy mounts from the cash shop, but you can buy skins for them, which are purely cosmetic.


    To @Razvan point i have not seen that anyone will be able to buy mounts only skins. And i presently hope it will stay that way. So to give people wanting to breed mounts an opportunity, and over all making mounts more rare. I want a mount to be something spectacular and not something you see every player whit. (attest if the mount gives you a big advantages) that said i am not agents them. i think a mount on a general in pvp will give the game play a big boost in emersion.


    @Kirkuz said in Future Taming and Mounts - Economy Driven only thoughts?:

    ot seen that anyone will be able to buy mounts only skins. And i presently hope it will stay that way. So to give

    Easy enough. Cash Shop will ONLY sell cosmetic items. The devs have stated that many times in the forums and on discord. They do not want to have a p2w model. With that said, you can purchase non-fightable non-mountable pets from the Dynamic Token store and EARN mounts from the Foundational Reward System. 🙂

    You will be able to tame and train animals for fighting and I believe mounting.

  • @Wika I think mounts and taming should take hours of game time to accomplish, and once completed each animal should take regular uptake of food, grooming and/or training, just like any other real animal. if an animal is always with you, it should take less effort over time to keep with you, like a real companion.


    @Razvan Is there a difference? 😛 You could say that "most" of the mounts in WoW's cash shop are just cosmetic. You basically just choose which skin you want to use when summoning your mount.

  • @Sativo
    The game will have full loot pvp, which means that we will most likely get different mount classes (with different stats): transport, armored, fast, balanced. These should be easily identifiable, so a transport mount shouldn't have the same skins as a war mount.

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