[-CO-] Crownless Order [EU based/Worldwide]



    [-CO-] Crownless Order

    EU based, accept all / 18+ (exceptions can be made) / PvP + PvE + Crafts / Beastmen (+ Human later on and maybe Demon) / All alignments πŸ˜‰ / Casual+Semi

    (TL;DR version at the end)

    About us

    Crownless Order is a multigaming communtiy with an interest in various MMOs and other games to have fun in. But do not worry! It isnt all managed by one person, in fact, everyone can lead CO in a game if they get enough people from within or outside of the community for it, this allows us to support every game with relatively unique leadership not shared between more games, but fully dedicated to one single game. Additionally, despite being an evil "multi-gaming" group, we can provide a nice homely atmosphere as all our game channels are hidden behind discord roles, which means you can still get the feeling of a tight knit group as if it was a small discord. With the added benefit of being able to find people, you will already somewhat know, to play with in other games when you want to take a break (for example, we have an active 10-15ppl group, from various games, doing weekly multiplayer sessions in Europa Universalis 4).

    Our gaming philosophy can be summed up "Community and fun first". This means we accept everyone and do not force anyone to do stuff they dont want to, doesnt matter if "casual" or "hardcore" or something in between, PvEr or PvPer or Crafter. We believe if people like the community, like the atmosphere and are having fun, they will naturally play more and participate in activities they wouldnt normally do.

    Important thing is to have fun, thats why we are all here, isnt it? πŸ‘Œ

    About us in Fractured

    The CO guild will be primarily playing as humans as it allows us to accommodate and support all possible playstyles our current and future members might have. As (or if) we grow to sufficient size, we will likely include both beastmen and demons within our group. Do not worry about allignments, you will have something fun to do whether you are a good guy or a bad boy. We are open to forming friendships with guilds from all planets (and continents) to provide our members with some friends on these unknown, foreign planets when adventuring outside of their home planets.

    We will be playing on EU server, but if you happen to be NA, Asia or Ocenia, but are interested in playing with us, youre more than welcome to join as well. We already have a couple of NAs and atleast one Australian among us πŸ™‚

    We welcome smaller groups and guilds merging into us. Terms will be up to negotiations to ideally benefit both sides (but we will be one united guild in the long-run). I am sure everyone knows the story with the sticks (The Father, His Sons, and The Bundle of Sticks) to some extend, you can easily break one, but you cant break a bundle. Moral of the story will apply to Fractured just as much.

    Our first city: Valhalla.

    Leadership, members and the community

    Current leadership is devoted to the community treating it as their beloved child brought back to life (which it is as you can find out if you ask about the not so happy history under previous leaderships). Based on previous experience as members, we guarantee active leaders that are open to feedback, discussion etc. with an effort to keep moderation at minimum (keep in mind this requires cooperation from both sides) and a stream-lined hierarchy.

    In return, we ask for people to have a community centered mindset and positive attitude, be dependable and initiative, not be afraid to speak up when they feel it is needed, be also willing to listen and learn.

    Last but not least, We have πŸͺ cookies πŸͺ.

    Click to join Crownless Order Discord

    TL;DR version

    Who are we and what we plan:

    πŸ”Έ Multigaming community
    πŸ”Ή Forging friendships and bonding over other games as a bonus
    πŸ”Ή While we are "multi-gaming", the game sections are separated by roles so you still get the close-knit feeling as with the small groups. Our goal is to provide a place for people to enjoy gaming and make friends, not to create anonymous horde of unknowns
    πŸ”Έ Both β€œgood” and β€œevil” players are welcomed, there will be some fun stuff for you to do
    πŸ”Έ Goal is to create a community, a place for all players, both EU, NA and OCE are welcome (but keep in mind we are in EU)
    πŸ”ΉWe plan to follow our core philosophy which is along the lines of β€žfun for all membersβ€œ which proved to be better compared to full hardcore/casual approaches, you will not be pressured too hard into doing stuff you dont want to do as long as you participate in the community
    πŸ”Έ Most importantly, have fun, that is why we are all here, isnt it? πŸ‘Œ

    What you can expect as a member:
    πŸ”Έ Devoted leadership with experience from various MMOs and communities
    πŸ”Έ Open discussion and participation for all members
    πŸ”Έ Stream-lined hierarchy
    πŸ”Έ Active communication

    What is expected of all members:
    πŸ”Έ Community centered mindset
    πŸ”Έ Positive attitude
    πŸ”Έ Dependability and initiative
    πŸ”Έ Willingness to learn and listen
    πŸ”Έ Communication of issues and conflicts
    πŸ”Έ Mature behaviour


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    Nice bunch of people, well worth considering if your looking for a guild to join πŸ˜„


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    good group of laid back people πŸ™‚


    Good ppl join us

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    Looking forward to fun adventures and laid-back community!


    Friendly and helpful community.
    Bonus: Cookies!


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    Join in on the fun! A friendly community awaits.


    Heaar yeee, Heaaar yeee, good people of Fractured and CO.

    It is my pleasure to announce Crownless Order reached 100 members on the website guild and to top that off, also has its own future governor! 🍾 🍾

    πŸͺ Cookies for everyone πŸͺ


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    We also have an Aristocrat rank in our guild so we get early claims.


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