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    If I've understood things correctly, what we do in Alpha is for testing and it will all be reset in beta and then live?


    @Defense This is just testing and it is not supposed to be a perpetual game.


    Yes, expect everything to be reset. Alot of things are still placeholders, and other things are subject to change later on. For example, now that towns are being implemented with the ability to make a tailor, some of the crafting stations that used to be able to be made to craft gear on your housing plot, are no longer available. If you still had your progress and your plot, etc. it would sort of break the game in that you would have stuff that you no longer should be able to have.

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    After each test, your characters get deleted and you have to make new characters. That test runs, and then a new test goes and you make a new character all over again and start from the beginning.

    Resets don't just happen between Alpha and Beta, and then Beta and Live, but rather between every test until they say otherwise. At some point, they may want to test something of a more ongoing nature and its effects, at that point, they will let us know, but otherwise, assume whatever you build in the current test will go away and you'll be starting from scratch in future testing.


    @Defense For Dynamite Studios to allow us to keep our characters would be sort of dumb in the first place. I think that they need us to keep starting fresh due to the fact that they are adding new features every test phase. It sort of makes sense to do that if you look at it that way.

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