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    So I was looking through some things having to deal with Fractured first thing I noticed I went to the Instagram page I actually loved what I saw there were some very cool things.
    However, the last time they posted something on Instagram was in January I know they are working on a full-fledged MMO and that its a smaller dev team but can you ( they ) post like once every two months not even an update just on cool things like you were doing before I just mean more consistent content on the social media would be nice.

    The second thing about the music is just a question I have heard the theme song version one I was wondering did a version 2 ever come out or no

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    @dj35 Hmm this isn‘t really an Offtopic 😉

    Maybe @Specter can answer your questions ... but i think we will have to wait for more theme and ingame music.
    As for Instagram, i think same is for all updates at the several media, the guys are very busy, but they are working on some solution to get a better community+social media communication.
    Soon ™ 😉


    @Kralith Well thanks Kralith I truly did not know where too put this one at lolbolded text

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