Community "Bonding"(Good Anime Edition)


    Alrighty I want constructive conversations

    Everybody give me a least of the Hands down best anime starting from 1980 ( go by decade till 2020)
    Also, the show only had to start in that decade doesn't have to end in the same decade s
    here's my list
    1980-Astro boy
    1990- Trigun ( ima get a lot of flack for this one lol )
    2000 - ( ngl this shit was hard ) gurren lagann
    2010 - Hunter x Hunter ( should have said space dandy )
    2020 -(so far) cagaster of an insect cage

    damn that list took me like an hour lol Ok so the next list is gonna be of shit anime Such As (Everything past the opening theme first episode and closing theme of SAO)


    @dj35 I liked all of the anime listed, including all three SAOs that you wanted to call shitty. The third one (Alicezation), I think is getting real good. (Note: I don't consider that gun slinging girl one to be SAO at all)

    The first Dragonball, was totally hillarious, Dragonball Z of course has always been known to be one of the best action anime even though very drawn out, and you can't forget Berzerk in there or movies... like Ninja Scroll.


    @Ostaff I gotta disagree with you I actually liked the gun girl Sao found it too be better than the gungale we were shown in the original and I say its shitty because it was too quick and the actual game system made no damn sense. I can't say anything about the newest one though as I have not watched it

  • 80s: Legend of galactic heroes.
    90s: Blue gender
    00s: Texhnolyze

    I lost interest in anime by the mid 2000s. I also wouldn't name them the best of their decade, but it's the ones I liked the most and theme, plot & my age when I watched them were a big factor here.

    PS: Shouldn't this be in the offtopic section?

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