If I understand the playstyle system approximately...


    ... then your PvP / PvE leaning isn't based so much on which race you pick as it is on which planet you're on, yes?

    • Arboreus (Beastman): While PVP is technically possible in game mechanics, PKers face significant obstacles everywhere they go on the planet, and Demons may even have trouble getting there in the first place. The planet itself will try to remove them.
    • Syndesia (Human): Open world PVP is more free than on Arboreus, but is subject to a criminal justice system based on a romanticized feudal era. Performing unlawful murders will subject the PKer to a bounty system, encouraging NPCs and strong players to come after them and/or earning them various inconveniences as punishment.
    • Tartaros (Demon): Whatever laws exist favor the strong dominating the weak. The planet is in constant civil war, with demons and blackguards forming cells & uneasy alliances to siege one another's castles and secure resources.

    Is this about right??

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Yeah that's about right. We don't know exactly how hard it will be to kill on Arboreus. I believe Prometheus meant NPCs with the "environment turning against evil people". I don't know if there any other safeguards inherent to the planet. Syndesia and Tartatos are right. Syndesia got a justice system and Tartaros got nothing.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Arboreus does not remove Demons 😉 they will be debuffed only ( but we don't know what's the debuff)


    Arboreus is going to be hard to get not only for Demons but also for Humans. ^^
    When you get there you will be debuffed as Finland said, while Beastmans will be buffed.

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