Minimum system requirements

  • What are the minimum requirements to play?

  • I don't think there's a definitive answer to this question yet. On the FAQ it says

    We’re working to keep Fractured available on mid-range computers and laptops as well, including those a few years old.

    If this helps, before the quarantine I played the game without any issues on a i3 4th gen, 750ti and 8gb ddr3.


    we dont have any idea because it's in testing phase which means things are optimized, not enough typical playerbase.

    odds are if it was made or built in the past 6 years, you'll be fine.

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    @Jetah And even if you're getting low FPS even on min settings, the odds are this is going to improve the next rime around as the devs are actually working quite hard on optimization and every test has been running better and better 😉


    Baseline 2020-2019 model your probably good to go.

    If you have potatoes connected together with a D battery, you probably want to upgrade.

  • But it´s quite weird to have 25-29 fps (in the wilderness without any players/npcs nearby) on GTX 1070 (3vent gaming version), i5 7400 (not newest, but might be enough) 16 GB DDR4 😕
    Hopefully optimization will help a little.

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