User Story: Fewer clicks to populate a blueprint from a cart.


    Hey guys. Not sure if you're using User Stories. Have something to report/suggest that isn't quite a bug, but also isn't quite a feature.

    Writing it up in user story format, hope it's helpful. 🙂

    Using version A2.2.1b on Windows 10 at time of writing.

    As a player I want to be able to fill a large blueprint from a handcart with as few mouse clicks as possible.

    Right now I am filling a large chest blueprint form a handcart that is full of wood. The handcart is close enough to the target blueprint that I don't have to walk between them.

    For each piece of wood I want to place onto the blueprint, I must:

    1. Mouse over the handcart.
    2. Wait for cursor to change to cogs.
    3. Left click the handcart.
    4. Hover mouse over the 'Open Inventory' icon.
    5. Left click to open handcart inventory window.
    6. Left click a piece of wood from the handcart.
      6.1. Note that here the handcard inventory window closes automatically at this point.
    7. Wait for 'collect' animation to finish.
    8. Left click the large chest blueprint.
    9. Wait for the place animation to complete.

    Iterate those steps 10 times to place everything for the blueprint.

    The animations are a little annoying, but don't bother me too much. Animation time feels justified in gameworld.

    But having to do the mouse hovers and clicks on the cart every iteration feels like too much clicking and it could be simpler. It feels like the GUI is obstructing me from doing what I want to do.

    Suggested fix would be to just keep the handcart inventory window open so long as the player is standing close enough to be able to pull from it. This would remove steps 1 though 6 from each iteration. I feel that this would help my user experience stay focused on the game world instead of getting annoyed at the GUI.

    Thanks for reading! 🙂


    I feel the whole click and close system is just a hinderance, example being fence placement, if you are placing one it seems fair to expect you are making a full run, so the crafting menu closing each time is a little time consuming for no reason.


    I call it a bit clunky. 🙂

    The default action for Carts is to pull them, so you will need to click in another way to open the inventory.
    I would like to have the possibilitie to change the default click of the Carts, like switching between pull option and pick-up-one-item option.

    There are some more structures, where it would be useful to have a default click option.
    At Fires to open Cooking or performing Resting.
    At chests to open Inventory.
    At Crafting Stations to open the Crafting Windows.
    Later hopefully at Tables/Beds/Benches to sit.

    I would even like if you can chose "delete" as default option, maybe with a warning before you chose this 😉
    Imagine you have to clear up a biiiig House and you need always to click first the menu, to chose delete, then accept deleting.


    I'm with @KairosVal on this one! Having some code to allow a toon to complete a clearly defined task without it breaking down into a gazillion tiny sub-tasks is exactly the 'eliminate grind' we're hoping for in this game.

    Thanks for listening, all you sweet devs! 💋

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