What unusual weapon types would you like to see?

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    Personally I would love to see double bladed swords, nunchucks, Kamas, Chains, Beer bottles.


    i would love to see things like beer bottles or other random objects and have them be included in the martial arts tree. +x% when using environmental objects


    Chakrams, scythes, katar. Many more!


    Double Blades ever

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    I'm into spears or glaives ^^
    I'll not say sword, bows, daggers, etc, cus those are must have weapons in almost all games 😛

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    I am a huge fan of the Kopis or Falcata depending on where you are from.

  • Throwing axes or throwing weapons in general

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    I'd like to see halberd, staff, and light saber !

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    @frost said in What unusual weapon types would you like to see?:

    I'm into spears or glaives ^^
    I'll not say sword, bows, daggers, etc, cus those are must have weapons in almost all games 😛

    YES! SPEARS!! they need to appear much more in games then they do.

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    @tulukaruk Yeah so so true!! 🙂

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    @dagimir Not weapons but armor i'd like to see gambesons instead of leather

  • @asther Our current heavy armor has a gambeson, though it'll might not be so visible being under some heavy metal plates 🙂 Leather armours and gambesons will probably fall under different categories, that will mostly be a design choice

    @frost We'll have spears for sure, and some other pole weapons that will fall under that same category

    I'll take note of other designs from this thread so go wild! 😄

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    I quote spears :P!

    But would be nice to se also:

    • Halberd
    • Scythe
    • Whip
    • Boomerang
    • hemm maybe a "Blowgun" /peashooter
    • maybe a sling (to be the bart simpson of the situation)

    It's a fantasy so.. I think they can implement every kind of weapon.

    I practice martial arts and we use many jointed weapons like:

    • Jiǔ jié biǎn (nine-section chain)
    • liu xing chui (meteor hammer, rope with a weight at the end)
    • Qī jié biǎn (seven-section chain)
    • Sān jié gùn (three-piece stick)
    • Yes jié tang (articulated lance with four sections)
    • Shao gun "sentinels' stick" (very long stick with a shorter stick tied at the end)
    • Shéng biāo (rope with a point at the end)
    • Shuāng jié gùn (two-piece stick)
    • Zhuǎ (Rope with hook at the end)

    So trust me they can really implement unusual weapons 😉

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    @sunti That's pretty good to hear 😄 Can´t wait to see the designs 😉

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    @finland Oh man! Three section staff is a must!

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    @Dagimir I could sugest more from other reality like Malesia/Philippine/Japan and so on ;).. If any of the designers are intrested I can talk more about weapons


    Really strong topic here. I'd approach it from two different perspectives.
    1 realistic.

    • Most exotic weapons in history are not really weapons, but tools that are re-purposed for fighting due to various reasons (real weapons where generally of limits for certain social classes or simply forbidden in certain areas like within an adversary's home). Even though they get the job done, and are actually very good at some niche actions, they are generally less efficient then actual weapons.
    • I'd like to see differentiation that actually makes sense between weapons. Like, the spear is only threatening at a distance but once the opponent breaks in and body slams, the spear becomes useless. A mace swings really hard and will knock you off balance, but locks you into the swing and provides very little parry chance while a sword is excellent for parrying and very nimble allowing feints and multiple quick strikes, but can only use aimed thrusts and halfswording against heavy armor since no blade is ever going to cut through metal. I'd also add in grappling since it was a major aspect of medieval fighting. Perhaps, you could have a single 1h sword user get a major bonus for grappling since he has a free hand. Also contextual use of environment, like using a lamp, flask, tankard or even a chair to block or throw at your opponent and stagger them for just a bit. Also, cape... throughout history capes have been used along with single handed swords to block, tangle your opponents weapon or hinder his vision for a split second, just enough to open him/her up for a quick jab.
    • pole weapons... all kinds of pole weapons

    2 Plain Fantasy.

    • flint daggers
    • clawed whips
    • roped arrows
    • some pole weapon with a war hammer on one end and a double bladed ax on the other.
    • focusing gauntlets that allow you to cast a certain spell at a massively reduced cost.
    • limb mutations that prevent you from using weapons but provide all sorts of random new combat mechanics. This should be permanent though.
    • musical instruments
    • a wasp hive
    • seduction
    • a banner
    • mechanical suit with steam blasters and sawblades

    Oh well, the list is getting way too long now, so I'll stop here.


    Polearm I'd say

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    luvs me dual wielding any blade

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Why not spears and swords with one blade at each extremity (like Darth Maul lightsaber, but with iron blade) ? 🙂


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