Alpha 2 - Test 1 first complete report


    This report represents what we have noticed so far with my friend, Zoulou.

    First of all, we've enjoyed a lot this alpha despite the few annoyances. It gives a pretty good taste about what wonderful things can come after but it can easily turn sour if wrongly handled.

    Claim :

    - Zoulou refused 3 claims but when reloged a few hours later the 3 were claimed (thanks to Prometheus who could unlink them)

    Ressources :

    • Heavy ressources lost textures when put in a full cart, but you keep them in hands
      - Spam click on a cart with a heavy ressource duplicates it (i could fill to the brim the cart with a lone ressource)
      - Switch a ressource from the inventory with another from a chest and you keep the ressource from the inventory in your inventory but the ressource in the chest become the one in the inventory
      - Somehow ressources disappear from inventory


    • The character keep flickering his hands as if he's still crafting and can't produce another item after a first one (need to walk to be able to craft another item)
      - Missclick a recoltable ressource when fighting can result in keeping the recolt animation for the attack animation
    • The character doesn't moove when you ask him to use the tanning tube you have to be right next to it (the same seldom happens for the chest)

    Knowledge system

    - When we get an ability that we already own from a monster, we forget it and have to pay to learn it again

    Add after the patch a.2.1.0d :

    • When clicking on wargs and sproutling, some data are conserved from the last creature
    • Cooldown for word of power spells appears as 45 sec in the details but acts like relocate wich is cooldown reduced by 1.5*INT of the character . I don't know if it's intentionnal and in this case it would be nice to write it in the details or if it's a bug


    - Can't place chests, tanning tubes or workbenchs next to a wall


    - Zoulou doesn't have any issues to log in the game but I have some difficulties. As I've already posted, i can now play a female character without too much issues but it still persists some :
    First, when I tried to login with a male character the loading just stopped at the setting up character, so through various experiment I noticed that the first load of a male character is alright so if you never disconnect it you will be able to play, but after that if you have to relog, the character will be stuck on setting up character. A newly created character may allow to connect any character once.

    Now that i can login with a female character, it seldom happens that it stopped at setting up character or connecting to the server, but with a few try it works. But ingame, my character spawn without any health, endurance or mana and have to sustained a hit to get it back to normal (it once made me faint on the spot but mana and health was alright and another time my endurance and health was alright but my mana was null).


    ~~- From this morning onwards, my satiety and energy bars always appear full and my weight stay at 0%, but i'm still affected by overload, exhaustion and starve

    • In my character's panel, my stuffed female appears as an unstuffed male~~

    Ideas to improve the game :

    • We noticed with Zoulou that if he doesn't put enough damage it doesn't learn anything from a monster even if he has fully tanked it. So we thought that it would be nice that knowledge would be awarded if enough damage has been taken aswell
    • Party system where members would all learn from the monster
    • Reduce the % of knowledge awarded from killing and give a little for "inspecting the corpse" for exemple
    • Reduce the influence from characteristics on the various skills (improve base damage and reduce characteristic's multiplier for exemple, or trinket's from certain monster improves a certain ability or type of ability or the abilities from the monster, i have no idea about the feasability of these that's only wild thoughts)
    • Separate the deplacement and action click (ex: moove on right click and actions on left click). It could be nice aswell to save the deplacements when an action is requested (ex: i'm being pursued i can use a skill and the deplacement continue after the skill without me having to click once again)

    Add after the patch a.2.1.0d :

    • A spell to taunt enemies would be wonderful
    • Blight spell does a pitifull amount of damage and doesn't seem to apply particulars malus. May we have details on the Necrotic Disease or a longer explanation for this spell ?
    • Add 2 more slots on the action bar or put the bandage and remedies in "annexes" if i can put it like that. It's quite painful to loose 2 slots for these and only have 6 spells allocated slots when you have so much spells. No need to have another bar with 8 others slots that's not what i mean but 1 or 2 more slots, i would love that
    • In a few zones it could be interesting to stratify the monster with the various difficulties. On the outer boarder of these area we can find less monsters with less variety of foes (ex.: for goblins some patrols of trapers) and the deeper we go into the area the more monster density there would be with more variety foes (ex.: patrols of enforcers, trapers and cutthroat). And in the core of the area, we can find the powerfuls foes for the area (ex.: Shaman and Warchiefs). But it may be a little bit too early to talk about things like this. (A progressiv system for spells to deepen the character uniqueness could be nice but seems too early aswell ^^")

    That's only our observations so far and I really want to insist on that we really have enjoyed these test days.

    EDIT :

    To complete the post, points that persists after the new patch :

    • I don't know for other spells but firebolt sometimes vanish in front of the target
    • My character isn't affected by the crippled state anymore
    • It could be nice to be able to aim behind a recoltable ressource (ex: it often happens that a woodland wisp teleport under a tree and i'm totally unable to use any skill to hit it)
    • Unusable campfire from a certain side of it or totally unusable
    • Seldom need to press several times on my key to throw fireball
    • I don't know if that's what is called wounds on bandage but even after the tiniest bit of damage, i lost 12hp/sec if i don't use a bandage and sometimes 2 or 3 have to be put before being able to regen
    • The character lost track and stop in the middle of a deplacement


    I've forgotten about creatures :

    • Flying creatures (i've crossed flying spiders, bears, deers and rabbits)
    • Some monsters have invisible wall that block them
    • When you assist at the respawn of the creature, it sometimes totally bug and don't do anything when goblins enforcer heal themselve they somehow manage to debug.
    • Remedies don't remove monster's poison

    I'm pretty sure that there are some points that i wanted to add but i can't remember ....

    After a few more hours playing the new patch i can add a few things :

    • Spider lich and Crawling horror sometimes respawn right after being slain
    • Spider lich once turned on godmod and the only way to kill it was with the word of power : Kill
    • Poison is sometimes still effective when the timer has already ended poison buff never ends.PNG
      It was still effective for few more seconds and stopped a little after the screenshot
    • In whispering woods, when Zoulou has fainted 2 spiderlings came running around his character. In Heartwood, I got a similar occurence with a Woodland Wisp
    • Even after many try, Zoulou still can't discover the Woodland Wisp

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    @Absolit your are spot on with everything and I felt the pain as well tanking all the damage and received zero knowledge since my damage wasn’t enough. Make damage absorbing be same as damage dealt so all in group will get knowledge properly. Thanks again for amazing post absolit.


    @Nyquil44 said in Alpha 2 - Test 1 first complete report:

    @Absolit your are spot on with everything and I felt the pain as well tanking all the damage and received zero knowledge since my damage wasn’t enough. Make damage absorbing be same as damage dealt so all in group will get knowledge properly. Thanks again for amazing post absolit.

    I think kowledge should be shared equally between party members, like loot as well, regardless of group members role. In combat situation..

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