Any idea when this game will be playable?


    Been following it for a long time and the game looks really good.


    That depends on your definition of playable.

    Release is scheduled for Q3 2021. But In November Alpha 2 is going to happen.

    Here is the schedule link

    By aquiring a Legend pack found here, you would be able to participate in Alpha 2 and further.


    @charlespayne exactly described by Yitra "That depends on your definition of playable." 😉
    I think you point out, when the game will have enough content to be worth to play.
    I am expecting a good amount of content in Beta 2 and therefor the most possible good playable test version, since it will be the version that will be most close to the release candidate.
    But you should be aware about, that even in Beta 2 we will have not all content thats planned, not even with release start 😉
    But playable in sense of enjoyable, it will hopefully be in Beta.

    If you like to find Bugs and help to improve the Game Developement with constructive critism, then you will probably also have fun in Alpha 2 😉

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