solo PVE question

  • Hi,
    I like to play as a hermit in the wild solo pve.
    As I read the wiki this is possible as a beast on Arboreus.
    But pvp is possible if I understand it correct.
    What can happen by pvp, can your home be destroyed. Is it possible to lose all you gathered items where you are offline ?
    Or is it only (full) pvp loot after a battle between you and the 'enemy', so running away will solve this 🙂


    Hi @Cev
    What you like to do is possible for sure.

    Your home cannot be destroyed. As long as you maintain it, it's yours and so is the stuff inside your inhouse chests. (not 100% sure about stuff and chests outside your house)

    Chance on PvP on Arboreus is small, but can indeed happen and so you might lose the loot you have on you. As far as we understand it now, some area's will be more accessible than others for visitors from other planets. So if you avoid those as much as possible. You can leave a peaceful life 🙂


    the beast planet will have invasion spots. and the invasion will last only 30 minuted, hard timed and the demons/humans will be forced off the planet.

    so long as you're away from the spawn points, you're fine! or just log off for 35 minutes.

    or try to pvp a little. it's like playing against the AI/NPC. sometimes you get a stupid AI; sometimes it's elite mode.

  • ok, thanks for the answers.
    Will sell the Alpha package now.


    Your home is safe, and if you build it correctly (for now) you are safe inside your home. 🙂 Some fences that will protect you.

    Otherwise, if you don't like PvP, Arboreus is the best choice for you, yes. And if you ever decide to travel to other unsafe areas, you still can. And then return to Arboreus when you want safety again.

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