Some "endgame" GvG suggestions (wishes)


    • declaring wars on zones - when your guild controls a zone (by building cities / sieges) you are able to declare war on neighboring zones, at which point NPCs will attack any player that has housing registered at that zone, and they will also attack other NPCs that belong to other zones (which would produce border NPC skirmishes, which players could join to help out their NPCs and help gain better control of border zone) -- if your NPCs are alive and enemy NPCs aren't then competition between you and other zone players would be in your advantage, having your patrolling NPC guards on your side (if enemy guards are dead)

    • NPC merchants sell rates - when your guild controls the zone, NPCs from this zone will sell you some consumables at a discount (only to guild members, not to everyone that lives in the zone)

    • NPC merchant sell rates (2) - you are able to tell NPC merchants in your controlled zone to sell "stuff" more expensive for people that live in certain other zones, or belong to certain other guilds, or not even trade with them.

    • Patrolling guard NPCs - able to tell them to attack other players on sight, not only based on their alignment, but also on their guild and/or zone affiliation (where they live).

    • guild wars - with multiple options, objectives and "end war" triggers. Permanent war, war with specified duration, war until other guilds leader (and/or officers) are killed, war until certain amount of members are killed, etc. Optional "plunder" objective, winning guild gets certain (agreed upon on start) amount of gold from other guilds treasury.

    • decent cooldowns on guild changing - so people aren't able to guild hop as they see fit. Should be at least 1 week cooldown imho.

    • options for guild structure - from dictatorship to democratic regimes, with appropriate options for guild management based on what kind of guild was constructed.

    • guild ownership of mines, etc. - when guild controls certain location, it's members get more materials while harvesting there (everyone can harvest, but controlling guild members get some bonus, so it will make sense for guilds to compete for areas)

    That's it for now. Basically I would love if GvG aspect is well developed and has lots of options and possibilities, because that is what will drive "the endgame" here, and make Fractured "not boring". 😉 At least on Syndesia and Tartaros.



    I'm still getting used to the coding of these forums, so I can't quote your post in pieces like I'd prefer, but I think these suggestions are excellent!

    I think the developers are thinking along the same lines. The Town & Politics Spotlight article, for example, mentioned that the Governor will be able to command the town's militia "for defense and patrolling purposes."

    I gave some recommendations in my thread for aspects of the guild management system/user interface. I agree that Guild Masters should be able to customize ranks and permissions that align with the style of the guild itself.

    But all of these sound awesome and would allow for very nuanced conquest and ruling mechanics. That's precisely why I wanna play this game; it's one of the few to distinguish conquest from actually ruling.



    use the > (and a space for a quote). it's nearly the same as Reddit markup. well minus the forced double spacing.

  • i like it


    @Alexian said in Some "endgame" GvG suggestions (wishes):

    I'm still getting used to the coding of these forums, so I can't quote your post in pieces like I'd prefer, but I think these suggestions are excellent!

    Yes you can! Just select / mark the text you want to quote and press "Quote" from underneath the post. You can do this as often as you want, it will add the selected text as a new quote to your answer.

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