Environmental Hardlings


    i mean in the game there rivers and kinda stuff like mountains and etc.
    as the streams i watched for test phases. I thought like rivers are ment to be nothing. They dont change anything or worth anything to be near or far.

    my question is, do you think to add any kinda random elements like falling rocks from mountains or you lose your balance in river and getting some damage also be dragged for some long meters. And animations for these would be feeling a bit more living world


    @memokal for now the rivers mean nothing, since you just can walk through yet.
    Mountains just block your way - or make you stuck, if you find a way into them 😉
    But as for River will be later some mechanics, that makes it harder to cross them.
    I am expecting such implementations in Alpha 2 i think.

    But for sure, the Dev-Team can tell you more about.

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