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    So how exactly will top-tier gear get into the game? Will it be represented only by unique drops from high level PvE stuff or will it be craftable like all the other gear in the game? It's obvious that one wouldn't be able to craft a, say, "Supercool godsword of megadeath" right from day one, so will the restriction be applied to the materials needed? Will it require some rare skill or something? I think it would be really interesting if one could obtain a high level crafting skill either by grinding skyrim style or by doing some sort of quest or something.
    TL;DR - speculation on how will top-tier items be introduced to the game economy
    btw feel free to post your takes on the stuff in this thread, i'd be really interested in reading'em


    game will only have very limited drops. 99% will be crafted.

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    I'm assuming it's going to be crafted but probably gated by high level rare materials or even crafting levels.


    Most likely the best gear will be crafted by players, but the restriction can be gated behind rare resources, crafting progression and recipes found/unlocked.

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