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    Sooo this may sound a little awkward, but I just somehow happened to notice that Holya is not in some of the groups from the website, even though he is the highest leveled one in the foundation, not sure if there's a reason for that or if it is just some bug @Prometheus
    Just wanted to point that out, cus if it's a bug you should fix it since it may happen to someone else ^^

    @Specter You can delete this topic after the problem is solved. No need for more spam topics arround 😛

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    @frost Interesting. I'll inform Prometheus about it.

    I shall lock it now. 🔒

  • DymStudios - CEO

    @Frost it definitely happened because he reached level 150 while we hadn't implemented the new groups yet - so when we released this last Foundation update, he was put in the last only, skipping the previous ones. That's an unexpected behavior tho, he should have been added to all the groups in order.

    It's not a critical bug since in the end I guess one always wants to display his highest title... but we'll have a look at it anyway, thanks for reporting.

    ...also, I just noticed he's now in all groups. Weird. We'll see!

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