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    A while ago I posted a question about town location advantages. @Prometheus posted:

    "Coastal towns are located in coastal biomes, which are only found on the riverside (obvious, yeah) and include a few unique resources. Of course it's possible that only with fishing and navigation they'll unlock their full potential, but there should be enough reasons to settle there already! 🙂"

    I'm realizing now the importance of food and water. Towns located near coastal areas are going to have both food and water readily available, both being essential for survival in Fractured. I'm assuming that towns located in mountainous areas will have to trade for food using stone and other minerals to barter with.

    My question is, as a Governor will we have to feed our NPC citizens? If so will this mean that food and drink will be just a valuable as stone and ore?


    @Crowdac The first and the next thing we were told: the strip of hunger is secondary (unimportant) - it will very slowly decrease. And we were told that in almost any location it is very easy to get food, which means that there will be no problems with hunger in principle and the dishes will be more consumables with buff effects, not a necessary resource for survival.
    @Vengu said in Summary of the Survival & Travel Q&A livestream.:

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