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    Just curious if we are going into the Alpha most MMO's currently call "alpha" but it's really the finished game with some features missing, or locked content to test server issues and what not.

    Or if this is going to be an actual Alpha. For example in Camelot Unchained (Fairly certain it was Camelot Unchained anyways) I was part of the alpha and when they let us play we were placed in a empty world, where most of our skills didn't work and we just got to hang out with each other and test specific features of the game during set times.

    Just curious if we know which state the game is on.

  • Actual alpha. The game has only been in development for about a year.


    @target Coool. Thanks!

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    @whisper Only testers this Friday will know how the game is made. And again, the developers will not allow you to play alpha, and you yourself, as you pay for it money. All we know is that we will have 1/3 of the world's people with multiple mechanics.

    If you want to know more, read the news

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