Limited Pledge Packs


    I was just wondering if you could extend the phasing out until Beta. Personally, I would like to try the game before investing in some of the larger Limited Pledge Packs. I plan on participating in Alpha but have been trying to decide between Immortal or governor (leaning towards governor).

    But the problem is, there are a lot of promising guilds on the forums. If I join a guild who already has a governor pack then it would be wasted since I would have to declare a town at start and your website recommends guilds not starting 2 towns. If I find a great group of players in Alpha and we decide to start a guild (without a town), I'd grab a gov pack (if any are still available).

    Just wondering if players could get a taste before the Limiteds are phased out?

    Will there be a month/day/week advanced notice before the Limiteds are gone or will they all be phased out at the launch of Alpha I?



    If you are not decided i suggest to wait till the Alpha is started, because then we will be not under NDA and you get a way better view to the game itself.


    Probably the limited packages will be in the store until all are bought, no date was set for them to leave, so I recommend you wait for the alpha, so you'll have a more concrete decision. ✌

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