New town in Syndesia. **Name to be determined**

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    Hear ye, Hear ye!

    A new town is being planned for the world of syndesia. Owned by the guild, Scholars of Galvanos, this town will become the headquarters and mainstay of the SoG's operations.

    Anyone seeking citizenship of the new town are welcome to apply!

    Furthermore, those wishing to join the Scholars of Galvanos may do so either through the discord or guild link below:

    Guild link:
    Guild recruitment and information:

    What can you expect in this town?

    Excellent question. The short answer is, protection, resources, community, and a helping hand with things like exploration and making sure an enemy player doesn't barbecue your butt when you are least prepared for it. As you can expect from a dynamic game like Fractured, especially due to the way pvp and combat mechanics will be set up for pvpers to interchangeably walk through the world, ambushes, and player pitfalls will be plentiful and for the solo player, this may happen frequently.

    The goal of the town is primarily to provide a means of having the freedom to play the game, without the fear and headache of griefing and otherwise nasty politics of other guilds and pkers.

    We all know what's running through everyone's minds when they have the freedom to cause murder and mayhem and for some, this brings sheer delight, and causes even further havoc. So, in order to combat the eventual tide of Tartaros, both the SoG and the town will be designed around the creation of a somewhat stable economic, military, and political power, and while we may not be able to grow as large in the short span of time before alpha 1, we can at least try to make a stand.

    Okay, I'm intrigued. But what will guild members get that I can't simply being a citizen?

    As a guild owned town, there is stuff I, as guildmaster, want to implement to give more incentive to join the guild. Besides communication as a major plus, guild members will also receive discounts from guild merchants. This will NOT include outside merchants unless set by contract by the guild and merchant. Other benefits will include priority for things like housing and other services as well as planned 'quests' in the works. There's alot to do, or at least planned to do..

    Now, before you call it unfair, let me explain a little bit about why the town is set up this way. Land in a sense becomes a resource as much as wood and ore. Supply and demand keep things in check, and if the guild were to not prioritize its members, there would be a loss of population. Lower population means two things. Less people gathering... and worse, less people defending the walls. Guess who benefits from that?

    Now, that is not to say there won't be just ordinary plots set for normal citizens of the town.. No, no, no. Its just, being a guild member will have its perks, simple as that.

    I've seen and read the guild page.. seems a little strict on the rule set and roles. What if I just want to play casually?

    You can do that. There isn't a law that says you can't. Just bear in mind that Fractured is meant to be a dynamic mmo. This means the world is alive, breathing.. and sleepless. People come on and play, do raids, get raided, get political, get stabby, and torch and destroy for kicks. If you aren't ready to defend what's yours, its easily lost. At least with having a guild owned town, you have some protection.. And the way the guild is set up is based on predictions to how the player climate will affect overall gameplay.

    Alright, after all this reading, where do I sign up?

    Right in this thread of course! As it stands, Fractured is coming up on the first open alpha phase I... that means that those of us with the governor's pack will be able to obtain first picks of the towns, so getting a list of players before hand will help determine where and how to set up and estimate how much space will be needed.. what and how much of resources to be gathered, etc.

    I look forward to all of you wishing to take part in the great city I hope for, and the prosperity to follow.

    Planned Districts so far:

    Eschelon District - Guild castle and administration buildings.
    Artisan District - Warehouses and crafting centers planned here.
    Militant District - The barracks, training grounds and armouries located here.
    Lantern District - Planned tavern and rest areas, as well as residential zones.
    Merchantile District - Shops and stalls for a market square.

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    Reserved for Town news and updates. Check back soon for further details!

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    Anyone can ask questions as well, if they are interested here!

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    Surprised no-one's even jumping on that blank name.. Been stuck here trying to think of a good one.


    Well depending on where you're settling, you can have different names, a town in a relatively peaceful forest would have a name more warming than a town on the frontier.

    Hope this helps in some way. 🙂

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    Silvergrove is a good name, especially where I plan on placing the town. Was leaning on a few others.


    To name a few.

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    After re-reading the town system spotlight, I realized just how urgent I'm going to need people for citizenships.. forgot about how the town decaying feature reduces size back to a hamlet..



    Your own toons might be enough to keep that from happening (we'll see).

    Oh, and nice work on setting everything up here! 🙂

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    Don't think there will be enough character slots to even do that.. but I swear I will carve out a town even if I have to do so with bloody bone and tooth!


    Will your town welcome redeemed demons, a.k.a. angels, with open arms and offer citizenship?

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