First off, lots of information on the website so if this has been answered I apologize. But being new to this forum, I'm truly confused on this attribute.

    If someone is not interested in Illusionism or Necromancy, im not clear on the purpose of Charisma. I see that it allows you to identify magic items when looting. However, since this is 1. a full loot game and 2. items decay. How much of a value is Charisma?

    I understand it may have play a role in politics, but for the average joe who isnt interested in politics, meaning strictly from a PVP or PVE standpoint... is Charisma important?

    Also if magic items serve a purpose, a purpose important enough for someone to invest in Charisma, are loot items > crafted items? If crafted items => loot items then Charisma really loses value. If not then crafting really loses value.

    It just seems to a novice such as myself to have the lowest Charisma as possible and just either buy or craft items... I just feel like Im missing something other than Charisma being tied to only two schools of magic.


    Charisma is also tied to "luck" - how strongly, and what that means, we don't know. In some games, "Luck" adds something to every roll, either slightly or notably. I want to say that it's been confirmed that being lucky is beneficial, but it isn't clear about the degree. (for example, a 20 charisma might produce a 5% improvement to all rolls, or it might give an effective +1 to all other stats for rolls. Conversely, it might only be a 1% improvement - we just don't know)

    Charisma is the main stat for Musicianship (Bard'ing it up in the hiz-ouse! XD), and we think, from the description, that it is a mass buffer/command and control sort of school.

    Charisma has some effect on minions - either numbers or quality - but that isn't well defined, especially in schools where charisma isn't the main stat.

    Charisma also effects NPC conversations - it gives you more ways to respond, according to early News. How that translates, we don't know, but it may translate into more and better loot from npcs

    Conversely, We also know that all stats have a Malus for being too low - and I don't know about you, but a Malus that makes you unlucky, or weakens all your rewards, might be a pretty serious bummer, as well. (no, we don't know Charisma's Malus is, but it is reasonable to assume they are all equally bad - and intelligence's significantly slows how quickly you can train your skills by limiting your memory slots if it's under 10. a comparable equivalent is to seriously slow the rate you acquire wealth, or limiting the way people interact with you - things like minions only stay half the time, or NPC merchants refuse to do business with you, or npc guards attacking you on sight occassionally)


    Luck often also increases your magic find. Meaning you have a higher chance to finding better gear when looting and more rare resources when harvesting.

  • Warfare also uses charisma, likely for buff and debuff skills. It's also mentioned that charisma is used for psychic abilities and I'm not sure if that's exclusive to illusion. The spotlight seems to imply that skills might use attributes other than the listed primary attributes of their school, so I wouldn't be too strict with assumptions about what attributes a skill of a particular school may use. For example, restoration mentions infusing life into inanimate objects; if these objects acts as summons, they could be affected by charisma.

    I don't expect luck to affect loot in any way because the devs have stated they hate RNG looting/gathering/crafting. Judging by how every other attribute gets a significant combat boost for reaching 20, I'm expecting charisma/luck will be the same.

    There will also likely be crafting recipes that require a decent amount of charisma.

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