Just a few questions.


    1. What was the major inspiration behind this game, and how long did it take to
      develop the idea before it started being made?
    2. Did the creators get nervous before the Kickstarter goal was met?
    3. Will more Races be added in the future?
    4. Were certain parts of the map influenced by real life?

    These probably won't all be answered, but ill ask them anyway because I can.



    1: Prometheus answered that question here.

    2: I know Prometheus was nervous before the launch of the KS, but he was quite confident during the campaign. I think that's pretty common for anyone who Kickstarts a project. 😛 Also keep in mind that even if the campaign had failed, they still would have had enough money to continue development. Their lives didn't depend on the KS, it just allowed them to develop Fractured faster.

    3: The devs have some ideas for future races.

    4: I don't have the answer to that.


    Good questions, I was really curious about the answers. ✌


    @gapaldur said in Just a few questions.:

    Were certain parts of the map influenced by real life?

    This one is simple to answer. No artist is creating something from nothing.

    Every artist is using his imagination, and his imagination has grown through his life from many experiences gotten from real life.

    So indirectly, all artist works are influenced by real life.

    Now you could say that Fractured terrain is created by procedural generation, so this part of creation is separated from artists direct work. However, artists still created the underlying engine, and they are doing tweaks to maps after it's been generated.

    So answer to your question is still yes. Even if devs didn't outright copy real word terrains into Fractured, parts of map (and all other art work) is influenced by real life up to an extent.

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