Professions, crafting, and building...oh my!


    Hi all,
    Just curious if anyone can answer or direct me to the answer to these questions.

    1. Will the game have a crafting system (weapons, armor, etc.) at all and/or building system (towns, homes, etc.)?

    2. Will the game have an ecosystem of any kind? Such as an assigned profession where your character performs specific duties and earns currency and contributes to the world.

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    Hey @WizordKay

    yes, thats whats fractured all about

    1.) yes. in fact everything will be playermade (weapons, armor, food and other supplies etc) and yes we can build our own towns in townspots or build a cabin in the woods, if you are a solo player

    2.) it was said, that your actions will influence the system, but how exactly and to which degree we need to find out, i guess

    here are some links you could need 😉

    Spotlight 2 - universe-travel-planets

    spotlight 4 - skills and galore

    spotlight 7 - towns, governors, politic

    in the end, everything on the news page could be helpful 😉

    kind regards

    • Lohen

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Perhaps the best resource out there would be the crafting Q&A from the livestream on the news page. Whether you have the patience to listen through it all on video is up to you. I know that video is a less than ideal source for information to many people.

    Maybe the devs can give us a bit more of the crafting stuff in a spotlight here?!?



    1. Yes. and you are not limited in what you can learn. Same like you can learn all skills in game (no classes) and use whatever you want in whatever combination, you can also learn all professions and use them, which will be great for solo players in particular, not having to depend on anyone else if they do not want to, for crafting.

    2. Game is open PvP, full loot MMO (except planet Arboreus where you are safe from PvP), so it makes sense that people have conflict about resources in the world. That is why harvested materials will not just regenerate quickly like in classic MMOs, so "grind bots" can just run around the same spots and harvest everything. Players harvesting an area will have a more lasting effect to it, and if someone has harvested materials before you, you are out of luck, and you can go search a new spot, or track him down and try to PvP for those resources. Materials will respawn of course, but not as quick as in classic MMOs, and perhaps (not sure about this) even have a dynamic spawn locations. Fractured is procedural, so I'm guessing this is quite likely.



    we have over 20 news and spotlights that cover plenty of what the game will have. and we're working on a WIKI!

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