• TF#10 - CONSUL

    Im searching for a guild


    What type of Guild are you looking for?

    PVE, PVP or Lore/Exploration/Knowledge based one?

    I myself am more of a PvE/Knowledge based player, and have started a Guild for that purpose, but that does not appeal to too many players.

    This might help some of the other guild leaders to know if they should approach you.

    Good luck! 🙂


    Adding on the Aurellas's questions, what race is your character? Currently, there are race restrictions on different guilds.

    If you happen to be a beastman, I would recommend the guild, Elusive. It is a guild for more casual players who don't want to spend all their time playing the game. The people there are really awesome, and we also have the Soul of Arboreus (highest beastman rank) and 2 High Druids (2nd highest beastman rank).

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