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    Is the Alpha key available globally or there is only a specific region or continent?

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    @euclase The cost of purchasing the alpha key is 150-200 euros. Will soon open a store Fractured, where you will be able to buy it.

    The development of Fractured from now till full release is split into 4 large periods of time, called development phases (or cycles). In chronological order, they’re named Alpha Phase 1, Alpha Phase 2, Beta Phase 1, Beta Phase 2.

    Here’s a recap of the cheapest pledge packs you can buy to get access to the game within each development phase:

    • Knight (€200 / €150 Early Bird): Alpha Phase 1
    • Patron (€100 / €90 Early Bird): Alpha Phase 2
    • Founder (€60 / €50 Early Bird): Beta Phase 1
    • Recruit (€25 / €20 Early Bird): Beta Phase 2

    Within each development phase, we’re going to run several time-limited tests, spaced out by some downtime during which we can focus on integrating feedback and completing new features.

    The phase we’re currently under is (quite obviously) Alpha Phase 1. The first test planned for this phase is Alpha 1 – Test 1, and it’s coming soon: December this year!


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    @muker Thanks!

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    @euclase Globally. 😉 No country is excluded from the alpha.


    @specter said in Just asking:

    No country is excluded from the alpha.

    In fact to be precise no country is excluded, but some country could exclude themselves (no internet, low speed, political blockade...)

    😂 Ok I take the door ->[ ]


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