So will everyone get into the pre alpha or is it buy in only?

    Thanks all



    As mentioned on the Foundation page:

    The Fractured Pre-Alpha is a time-limited testing phase to be run at the end of 2018 before the launch of Alpha 1. This unique, non-purchasable key grants you access to it - for free!

    A high ranking in the Leaderboard of The Foundation is guaranteed to get you a key. Winning one of the Weekly Drawings gives you a chance as well! For more information, check out the dedicated FAQ.


    @Ceyco in other words, if you want a chance to get the key stay active in forums by engaging in meaningful discussions with other members (random unhelpful posts do not help you). Read and share spotlight articles (and promote Fractured) on social media. That's pretty much all you can do and it's enough to give you a fair chance of winning.

    And also pray to Babilis, he has good connections. 😉

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